This and that

A couple of mundane and pointless random observations from a scattershot brain:


We all get those annoying spam calls, right? That say just a city name, not a person, or spoof a person’s identity in Caller ID; hell, I once got one supposedly from me! And of course I don’t pick up unless I recognize the caller, which is why a couple of times I’ve been lured into answering when the ID was “Town of [my town]” – could have been a legit reverse-911 alert, right? But wasn’t.

I’ve noticed lately that a number of these nuisance calls now come with an ID of “SPAM??” by the helpful phone company, but today’s ID was a new one:


Ya think? :dubious: :smiley:

Watching the Super Bowl post-game trophy adulation, with former football greats carrying the thing down between the rows of triumphant Pats players, and see it handed off from one middle-aged guy to this old man to carry onward.  An old man who looks somehow familiar.  How do I know that face?

Holy crap!  It's... it's Joe Namath!  Broadway Joe pantyhose-wearing frikkin Namath!  He's 75 frikkin years old!  And I'm 70 (in five days) and I remember him as a young stud!

Holy fuck I'm old.  :eek:  :(

I’ve been watching a lot of tennis, and reruns of Mama’s Family (don’t judge). Every other commercial is for some insurance policy for Medicare, and Broadway Joe is the spokesman (spokes shill?) He acts like he couldn’t afford a ride to the doctor.