THIS BOARD SUCKS!! -- I'm gone, goodbye!

I’ve had it with this board. It’s been real, folks, but it’s time to move on. The last straw was today after I had typed a response to a post on the MPSIMS thread “Teachers Get Paid Too Much” – which I started. I hit the “send” (or whatever it’s called) button having forgotten to fill in the boxes for my UserName and password. Fucking thing ate my response, wouldn’t let me just go back and fill in those boxes, oh no.

And I agree with everything Barbara and James say on the OTHER “This MB sucks” thread.

I got better things to do with my life, folks. I’m sure I’ll see some of you on line, but it’s going to be a slow day indeed that puts me back on this board.


I pretty much agree with you, I’m basically just sticking around on this board, reading any religous topics… and that’s pretty much it.


Whilst I don’t disagree that this board has some difficulties, I would like to encourage you to rethink. The AOL boards had their own difficulties and were equally unforgiving about certain errors, but we were USED to them. Among other things, remember how the AOL boards might have taken hours or days before you saw your post? Let’s not pretend that the past was perfect and that all change is bad. This board has some advantages and some disadvantages, it’s different, and it takes time to get used to its peculiarities. Also, remember, this board is still sort of under construction, so that some improvement is possible. Under AOL, you didn’t even have a “real” forum for complaint or suggestion – here, we do.

Change always involves transition – that is, some psychological “getting used to it.” Trigger, if you want a religious aspect, note that after the Exodus from Egypt (change), it took 40 years of wandering in a desert (transition) to get to a better place. So with all change.

That’s my tuppence.

I pretty much agree with you, I’m basically just sticking around on this board, reading any religous topics… and that’s pretty much it.


Hallelujah !!!

Well, I sorta like the way this new board works. I used to hate MPSIMS because of the thread spliting. If you didn’t jit list all it was hard to tell what the hell was going on. It’s much better this way. Also it is nice to get a quick review of any thread you choose.
It’s also easier to skip any religious crap this way.
People just hate change and I hate people.


If the text box loses the text when you use the browser back button [not the logo thing on the page] then it’s because you set your browser [umm which one?] to reload a page everytime probably.

Try setting it to reload only once and only use the back button. If you do this Melis then the text should still be there. This is the same for any web board.

On the other hand, be careful of using the “back” button, because I think that’s how I accidently managed to post my same reply about a dozen times (see “am/pm”)

Sorry to see you go, Melin. However, at the risk of adding insult to injury, I have to say your problems stem from never having gotten things set up right on your end. I never have to fill in my username and password. When I first sign on, and every time thereafter, it pops up automatically. If you want to take one more try, Melin, we can try and walk you through what it takes to get your browser to accept cookies (which are the key to this). Let me know.

PS - yeah, I wish you didn’t have to mess with your browser settings, but such is the current state of Web technology. Our grandkids will ask us, "you had to do WHAT?

You do note that the threads you’re bumping are 16 years old, right?