This cheered me up! (a link to doctored pictures thread)

I have a headache, first day back at work, tired etc… So I was a bit depressed until I found this.

It cheered me up slightly as I had been following ‘Jamie Oliver’s Kitchen’ and was thinking the same thing as is on his jumper.
Post some (work-safe) links to pictures doctored in a way that makes them amusing.

Or not. It’s up to you. I won’t be your friend if you don’t.


who is Jamie Oliver?

‘The Naked Chef’

An annoying TV chef in the UK who thinks he’s cooler than he is.

Hated Jamie’s cooking programs, but I followed Channel 4’s Jamie’s Kitchen. It’s was like watching a clichéd slow-mo trainwreck. As the series progresses, you see him get more stressed and angry. Nice to see him as a proper swearing, stressed, sleep-deprived chef for once!