This [edited] is [deleted] Great!

I would just like to say a huge [deleted] to Chronos for doing such a good job on GQ earlier.

You showed those [deleted] guys how not to advertise their web space!

I have put up a personal recommendation at my web site at [web site deleted]. Check it out. Also downlad hacked versions of [program name deleted] and [program name deleted again!].

You want porn?.. It’s all there! you can see [censored] and Goats with [censored] up their [censored]!!!

Seriously though… [deleted by Chronos for taking the piss too much]

Good job!

um… O.K…

Pretending that a mod edited your post is very bad. VERY BAD!

Get rid of this fast if you have any brains.

He deleted the goat porn??? :eek:

The bastard!!!

And not only is it not particularly funny–it’s been done. Credit our own beloved Homer with thinking of it last spring, AND getting his ass whupped for it, too, bad boy, bad boy, but he’s reformed now, aincha sweetie? :smiley:

Love ya, Tim, you know that. :slight_smile:

But hey, Chronos, I do wanna say, “Splendid editing job!” I’m assuming it’s the “Death of Napster” thread that prompted this one?

I think that’s some sort of GQ record–deletions in every post except Anthracite’s and the OP.

It’s all in the wrist action, eh? :cool:

Desperately trying not to make the obvious joke…

Well, yes. We take a very dim view of this, normally. However, there’s a difference between the Homer’s post, for which he was reprimanded, and this one. Homer had added the text at the bottom of his post that vB automatically inserts when a mod/admin edits a post. This one does not have that text, so it’s obviously not a serious attempt to fool anybody. Additionally, there are so many supposed elisions in this OP, that had they actually been there orginally, this thread likely would have just disappeared entirely.

Anyway, like I said, we do take a very dim view of activity like this. Fair enough?

Hooo lordy. I can faintly hear the frantic typing of Pit Rant. Listen, can you hear it too? Something about the Mods being on Power Trips…

I feel for you Uncle, better get yourself a cold one to weather the days ahead. :slight_smile:


I just can’t wait for the next vB upgrade… it’ll install a big, cartoony, gloved hand on the side of a person’s monitor, so when they act like a dick, the Mod’s push a “Smack” button to beat them silly.

That’ll solve all our problems…

I’m sorry. :frowning:

I was just trying to congratulate Chronos on the post that DDG linked to above for maing me chuckle with all the gratuitous editing.

keep up the good work.

sometimes my sarcasm gets the better of me.

maing is obviously Chinese for making.

[sub]as if ya didn’t know :)[/sub]