This forum software...other boards?

I think this is by far the best forum software that has ever been invented. When I requested a particular topic for a board, someone listed a bunch of ubb boards…is there a cetral list of all the boards that use this type of software?


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There is no central list. The best you can do is check out and click on Example Sites. There use to be but it looks like it is down for now. If you tell me what you want I could suggest a site, I have several bookmarked. But I guarantee you’ll be back here. This site is addictive.


The only other UBB board I frequent doesn’t appear on the list at the site DW3 mentions, but it is useful. It’s .

It’s not a site you’d hang at if your not geek-centric, but it is a collection of geeks. If you’re here at all you’re using a computer and as such are subject to occasional glitches. There’s much bitching at that site about the idiocy of some customer support callers, but the fact is these people can’t help themselves. They want to solve your problem and can.

Not another conversational oasis, but something to keep in your pocket, dear.

Thanks beatle. I did not have that one. Here are some more of the same type.
I think the guys who run anandtech and storagereview are brothers. Not sure.

Here’s one, pertaining to Mac PowerBooks—

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