This is a hard one: Identify this 90s Commercial

Yes a commercial. And it is old. Almost certainly mid-90s as my university roommate and I used to say this to each other all the time.

In the commercial a guy I think is trying to get a loan. The bank manager says something about the great deal he is going to get. The guy says “Really?” and the bank manager says very snidely “No, not really”.

Could also be for insurance.

Googling for another commercial where a guy says “You’re Pablo Picasso”, “Really?”, “No, not really” but that isn’t it.

For some reason, I remember this one well. It was Chris Eliot, Tostitos, and an IRS refund.

OMG!!! You’re a genius!!! That’s it!!

Blushes I was helped by the magic of fuzzy AI searching. I think what I actually typed into youtube’s search engine was something like Chris Elliot dorito commercial

Would anyone mind if I described another commercial from the 1990s? There was an American couple on vacation, I think in Morocco. Their car breaks down or they have some other problem. A local boy finds them walking through town, and excitedly offers to bring them to what sounds like “Etienne” who will “fix everything.” Presumably “Etienne” is either a mechanic or someone who can fix problems. But he brings them to an ATM machine. I think the commercial was for MasterCard.

I’d love to find a YouTube video of that commercial. (It suggests that, for rich Westerners, money can “fix everything.”)

Found a few hits for “old commercial ATM fix everything”,** Dewey**.This onesums it up:

I didn’t remember the details, but I immediately recognized “Really?”/“No. Not really.” One of those that sticks in your head.
So, too, with “ATM fix everything!”

I may have quoted both of those in the last eight months.

I used to use the “Really?/No, not really!” thing as a joke with my friends at school when this was airing! I forgot it was even from a commercial!