This is a picture of me too!

Dung Beetle’s thread gave me the idea. Below is a picture of myself and also a blatant showing off of my newest nephew (and godson!).

Isn’t he grand?

Aw, so cute. Look at those pinchable cheeks, and so much hair!

And the baby’s not bad, either.

Aww, he’s so cute. He almost looks fake-- You might want to check him for any unusual markings such as, Mattel. I remember when my nephew was that age. He was one ugly little bastard. :frowning:

I managed to refrain myself from doing so in Dung Beetle’s thread, but I cannot deny my needs any longer. Here’s a picture of me too. XD

A very charming photo! You look so proud of him. Just think of all the mischief you can encourage over the coming years. Uncles are wonderful.

Why thank you trublmakr! I’ll take that as an extra compliment since that photo was taken on the same day I arrived in Holland after a 10 hour flight. Maybe the unshaven look adds something… :wink:

Why doesn’t someone just start a picture thread?

…and thank you very much. Yes I am very proud. I have 11 other nieces/nephews (stretched across 7 siblings) so I am VERY good at encouraging mischief!