This is a picture of me

I’m trying to learn how to post pictures so I can start talking about my cats again! I don’t have kitty pictures yet, but here’s a couple from my wedding day. The first one is me and Mr. Beetle, the second is me and some of our little beetles. I’m the one in white. :wink:

Your name does not do you justice.

Nice pictures.

Well, you’re easily the prettiest Dung Beetle I’ve seen. Because of your name, I thought you were a guy (until one of your posts earlier today).

You’re very pretty and not dung beetle-like at all. I mean, seriously…


I have it on good authority that your new husband is cheating on you.

Leave him.

Move to Boston.

Ignore Bostonians who, until earlier today, mistook you for a man.

Go topless.

Thanks for all the compliments! I have to admit I usually look a lot scruffier, but those pictures you will never see. :slight_smile:

Where’s your dung ball?

That’s mean!

But to answer your question, I’m in Boston.


tdn: I will take all your advice under consideration.

astro: I’m sitting on it!

Well ain’t you the cutie!
Congrats on your wedding!

You are beautiful!

The little beetles are cute as buttons, and Mr. Beetle is handsome… but you are, quite simply, beautiful!

I just wanted to agree with what’s already been said.

You are just lovely and I am completely in love with your hair.

Both you and Mr. Beetle look scrumptious to me.

You make order *Insectivora[/] proud.

Don’t be fooled by tdn. He has often commented to me about how the name Dung Beetle suits what must be your manly physique. I was the guy trying to set him straight.

I too am a Bostonian, but I never mistook you for a man. Uh-uh. Especially after seeing those pictures.

So come to Boston and look me up. I’ll show you the beauty of Boston, and I’ll introduce you to my wife. She’s an Irish Catholic from Dorcester. She’ll put us both in traction. So maybe this isn’t such a great idea. :frowning:

I kid, I kid. Mrs. Fresh is a very kind and caring woman. She’ll just put me in the hospital, but not in traction, and I’ll probably come through with only a minor speech impediment.

Gentlemen…back off…she OBVIOUSLY wants to trade up and get herself a younger stud…
…and move to Michigan…


Dear Mrs. Beetle:

May I call you Dung? :wink:

No really, you are perhaps the most un dung-like beetle here on the Dope.

Nice pictures, and of course, being male, the obligatory “damn, you hot”.

Lookee, I didn’t flirt!

Unless you count me pointing out how, once you go Bus, you never go back. But it’s not flirting if it’s stating a fact, right?

:o You are all very kind. I’m sort of thinking I should post a more representative picture. Something that shows what I look like on a regular day, with no makeup, dorky clothes, weird facial expressions…

Nah, I think I’d rather not.

More pictures is good. Even if they include dorky makeup and no clothes.

And someone should tell the guy in pic #1 that when you are standing that close to a hot chick in a strapless dress, “PUT THE DAMN PHONE DOWN!” :wink: