I just had to share (kitty pic)

So, the boyfriend and I were at Goodwill earlier, and he found a **My Pet Monster ** that he just had to have. He had one when he was a kid, and was thrilled that the newer ones talk.

So, we bring the Monster home, and it was quickly adopted by Zyll. It was so cute, I feel compelled to share it with the millions.

What a beautiful cat!

I have a kitty picture like that. Only instead of a stuffed animal the kitten’s cuddled next to my daughter who was nine months old at the time.


Way cute and I agree, Zyll is a gorgeous kitty.

Zyll is a beautiful kitty! I don’t want to try to steal his moment of fame here, but I thought I’d share this picture of Buggy with the Vikings snowman he has fallen in love with.

In a similar vein

It’s absolutely unfathomable to me why I find looking at pictures of other peoples cats so darn great! I love the awwww factor.

What a beautiful cat.

And I want one of those My Pet Monsters, I love those.


What a cute kitty!

Must…resist urge… to buy… a cat…

Must…resist urge… to buy…more cats…

(though, from a pure novelty factor, I’d say ticker’s pic wins).

Tell me about it… I had for one for a month and the she ran away. I want another one and threads like this don’t help. :frowning:

That is THE cutest picture I have ever seen!!! :smiley:

That is one cute kitty pic!

I love the picture of Zyll (from L’Engle?) with the Monster. Since people have been admiring kitty pics, here are some of my girl Roxie:

Roxie with my daughter, being cute.

Roxie keeping up with the office work.

And finally, Roxie keeping me company while…um…meditating. :wink:

Hope y’all like…she’s a good kitty - a stray Himself & I adopted a year or so ago.

Shit, Aesiron, you are just having bad luck left and right. I suppose it would be out of the question to hit the shelter?

Not sure there’s one in town, honestly. It’s pretty small here. I’ve thought about looking in the weekly paper to see if there’s any kittens for free but I wouldn’t be able to go pick it up and changing its litterbox while in a wheelchair would suck.

Maybe in a couple more months.

Hmm. ::concocts mad plan::


No good.

::thinks some more::

Watch your mail.

No, I’m not sending you a kitty in the mail.

We must have that photo! We must!


I don’t know anything about your circumstance beyone what was said above, and you didn’t ask, but I’m offering this up anyway.

Here in Calgary, a Bengal breeder runs a program called Therapy Cats, wherein they keep the best tempered of their cats for thereputic uses, recognizing that animals go a long way in improving the life and health of people. Here’s the link: http://www.bengalexoticfx.com/therapycatsavailable.htm

Maybe there’s something similar in your area?

Alternately, toilet training cats (not what I’m suggesting) involves elevating the cat box, which says to me cat can go “up high”. You could get a covered litter box so the litter doesn’t get everywhere and put it on a table that’s easy for you to reach?

Or, maybe someone can help you with the cleaning?

As for picking the cat up, don’t worry - they’ll learn to come to you.

Sorry if I stepped over the line here!


Awwww…that pick of Zyll is tooooo adorable. :slight_smile: Our Majyk is not often without his stuffed bear anymore.

Sheer photographic brilliance. :slight_smile:

Rebekkah: I’m not bothered in the least and bookmarked that site to look at later when I have more time.

And, by the way, when I said I couldn’t pick it up, I meant I couldn’t go get it as I’m wheelchair bound until healed and leave alone and have no car. I’d have no problem literally picking a cat up or even getting in the floor and smacking it around if need be. That’s the whole point of having one. :slight_smile:

Anaamika: Can you send me some thumbtacks while you’re at it?