So...anyone want to see pictures of my new kitty?

So one day about a week before Christmas, I was up at the pet store buying crickets for my scorpion and I decided to walk by the cats. I locked eyes with one of them, he gave me a cute little meow, and I just knew I had to adopt him. I got him from an organization called 4Paws, who rescued him from an alley in DC when he was barely a month old. He’s now almost seven months and very healthy. I named him Loki.

Okay, all together now…AWWWWW!!!

Awww! But…could you turn the lights on before you take a picture? It looks like the camera remotes in Aliens.

But…awwww! :slight_smile:

I know they’re dark, but I don’t have a digital camera. I took these on my phone, and I bought my phone about three weeks before they started making them with flashes. :mad:

He’s adorable! And precious! I love kittens.

He has a nifty looking water dish, by the way. May I ask where you got it and where you get the refill thingies?

Picked it up at the pet store for about $6. I just refill the bottle with tap water. It’s great because I know if I fill it up in the morning, he’ll have fresh water all day.

My wee beasties have the same watering dish- I bought it at Petco (link to Le Bistro waterer at Petco)

And Lord Ashtar- awww cute kittie-wittie-snuggle-poo.

Very cool. Thanks!

Cute kitty!

Yeah, that’s pretty much how I talk to him. Sure didn’t take me long to turn into one of those people. :smiley:

First - Cute Kitty!!!

Second - your pet store has cats? for adoption? I don’t think I’ve seen a cat in a pet store in at least 5 years. How do you adopt a cat from a pet store?

Striking markings on that little guy. Very cute. Gosh darn I love cats.

Around here the local cat-rescue organizations set up shop in the big pet stores (like Pet Club and PetSmart) usually on weekends.


congodwarf, the local PetSmart sells fish, birds, etc., but has an area with dogs, cats, and other pets such as rabbits from the local Humane Society for adoption rather than selling them.

No, it sure doesn’t. Awww, that’s one cute li’l fella. Loki’s probably a good name for him - he looks like he’s full of mischief.

Our local PetsMart has a built in area for humane societies to display cats that are up for adoption. Every time I go in there I tell myself I’m not going to look at the cats, but I always do, and I always feel bad I can’t take them with me.

And Loki? Awwwww!!!

I would be careful about sharing the third link. You could be charged with kitty porn!


Hey! Stop hitting! Someone had to say it. Ouch!

Heh! Speak for yerself – I have two not-so-wee-anymore kittens, and they’re collectively known as “Those Wee Fuzzy Bastards”.

I do, however, admit to calling them ‘Sweetie’ indiscriminately. :smiley:

Purty cat you’ve got!

Stylin kitty!

Loki is a good name for a cat. I have a Loki as well!

What gorgeous cats! The name Loki fits them both. :slight_smile: