Can I share my new kitty?

I don’t know how to post images directly on here, but look at this little guy:

We’re taking him home on Friday!!!

I know not everyone is fond of kitties, but I can’t help it. I just have to share this wonderful news!

He’s gorgeous! Where are you taking him home from? And what’s his name?

That’s a good lookin’ kitty! Have fun! They’re so cool…I love dem li’l cats!

You can’t post images directly on here anyway, unless they’ve changed something I’m not aware of, so a link is all you can do.

He is a beautiful cat indeed!

Adorable new fuzzbutt, Grapefruit! And you needn’t worry about anybody not being too fond of kitties around here. There’s a powerful pro-kitty consortium that keeps the anti-kitties out of these sorts of threads.

Do tell us more about him!

Sweet! Is he your first kitty, or have you had kitties before?

We found him at the local cat shelter! The people there say he’s about a year old. My sister had cats before, but the last one died before I moved in, so this is a new experience for me. Think I can shirk litter box duties with this excuse? :smiley:

I took more pictures on our digital camera, but this is the only one she’s uploaded. There is one I took where it shows off his marble patterns wonderfully! I’m sad I can’t share it. :frowning:

He doesn’t have a name yet. So far, no suggestions we’ve made have been approved by the other party, so we’re still coming up with something that will stick for both of us. Anyone have suggestions? Both of us prefer human names over obvious animal names.

Oh, congratulations. Orange boys are AWESOME lover-cats!

To save you the suspense, you don’t. The IMG tag has been disabled for everyone.

You are new here. :wink: Kitty threads are a mainstay of MPSIMS.

Ohhh!! A big, snuggly, butterscotch flavored kitty!! Congratulations and I wish you many happy years together.

Hey! How did you get my Wally?

That’s the truth! Your new baby reminds me of my sweet orange boy Ulysses. I am sure you and your new kitty will have many happy years together. Thanks for sharing!!

I love the photos of your Wally and Eddie! They’re awesome!!

You must be new here. Cat threads are encouraged & pictures are mandatory!

Yay for your Kitty!

Aw thanks, they are crazy cats and a lot of fun. In your picture it looks as though Ulysses has green eyes–is that accurate? So pretty! Wally is my first ginger nut and if he had opposable thumbs I think we would be in real trouble.

Grapefruit, the only naming rule we have in our house for cats and dogs is that they have to end in a Y or IE sound. So we currently have Eddie, Wally and Chloe. We’ve had Molly and Sammie but they are no longer with us. Post back what you name your guy.

Oh, my, yes, I’ve referred to my Punky(Punkin) as my butterscotch kitty before!

Cam is apparently a Vietnamese name meaning orange. Cammie? Cameron?

Alani is orange tree.

Or Nathaniel, Natty for short.

I suggest Mango.

I’ve posted these before, but here are my babies, Calvin and Hobbes.
These were taken the day we brought them home, about a month or so ago. I need to get some new pictures - they’ve gotten a lot bigger.

He’s beautiful. Congratulations to both of you!

How about Sidney?

Or Cyrus, which is Greek for “Lord”, which I assure you he will become to you. :slight_smile:

No, kitty pics are de riguer here, but shouldn’t the title have been “My kitty, let me show it to you”? :smiley: