This is a picture of me

I came into this thread to say something terribly clever and funny.

I forgot what it was.

You are extraordinarily lovely, Dung Beetle.

I knew you were.

What a user-name revolt! Maybe you should change your name to quell these teeming masses of admirers – maybe Diva Beetle would suit you better? :slight_smile:

I can remember some of your previous posts that lead me to believe you were unatractive . LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE !

You look great!

The hubby ain’t bad looking, although he definitely needs to put the phone down. Phones don’t go well with anybody’s features.

(hey, I’m female and straight but I don’t compliment married men too much, don’t want to piss the wife. And you do look great, specially in the pic with the kids)

And you are a very handsome, exciting man. Don’t try to tell me any different.

Mr. Beetle does put the phone down, occasionally. :slight_smile:

Jeez, the last few Boston dopefests have been met with raging apathy. But post a couple pictures of a hot babe and the locals start coming out of the woodwork.

You don’t happen to have a twin sister who’s availble, do you? :smiley:

Huh huh… you said “raging”.

You look great… love the dress.

Now, do we have to ask permission to start posting completely irrelevant photos of ourselves or can we go ahead and get this thread rolling right now into another SDMB photo-thread drool-fest.

If you don’t start it in your thread, Ms. Beetle someone else will take pride of place with the OP in another photo thread.

What time is it?

SDMB photo wank-fest time!

You look so nice and poised. This is going to sound weird, but you seem like you’d have a very soothing voice.

I’ve been tempted to post a picture of myself too-- but I didn’t want to funk up Dung Beetles thread and I was afraid it would be frowned upon. Someone should start a picture thread. My cam-whore needs must be met.

But shouldn’t the title of this thread have been “Meet the Beetles”?

Yes, those of us who are female and actually live in Boston could develop a complex.

Dung Beetle, lovely as you are, Boston has nothing to offer you. It’s far too humid for a delicate flower like yourself, and the drivers are mean and the politicians are too busy trying to get legislation on fluffernutter sandwiches to properly run the state.

(Just kidding. Go wherever you like, although I suspect you are happy at home with the rest of the Beetles. You are quite pretty, though.)

Actually, if you want to post a picture in here, it’s okay by me. Everyone’s been really nice, but I’m feeling uncomfortably attention-whorish right about now.

Damn! :smack:

That’s easy enough to fix; post a couple pictures of yourself next time.

We’ll have to hurry. It’s practically impossible to book the Garden once basketball season starts.

Change your user name to damnIamlovely.

I resent your slanders. Boston summers are quite mild and lovely (compared to, say, Malaysia), the drivers are very good (better than in Seoul, Korea, anyway), and the politicians are busy working on a lot of things (like not getting nailed for drunk driving for the third time this month–well, everyone except for Mitt, who’s prissy and conservative and spends way too much time on his hair. He reminds me of what Robert Palmer would have been like had Robert gone into politics instead of New Wave rock).

I might add that Boston is great for the nation’s economy by serving as one of the leading importers of whiny college students and perhaps the leading exporter of guys who can ruin your life with only an Internet connection and your email address.

You’d love it here, Dung Beetle. It’s like home . . . that is to say, if your home happens to be overrun with drunk teenagers who like setting things on fire after Red Sox games.

Sorry to hijack your thread MissLovelyBeetle, but now I have to respond to this. I can feel flattered, or I can feel mocked. I choose flattered. :stuck_out_tongue:

Miss Beetle mentioned in another thread that she wears a size 0. She’d be crushed to death on the T!! If she fell into one of our typically huge potholes, we would never find her again! Nope, best if she stays far, far away where the slimmer gals like herself stand a chance.