This is Disturbing.
As I read The mention of the inflatable Dino the dinosaur being all Cecil has received, My odd long term memory twitched. Hey, he’s mentioned that, and It wasn’t a Dino, it was a promo from some gas station, wasn’t it? I remember his describing the Kelley green color, and picturing the logo. But I couldn’t locate the original reference, so I was letting it go, when I read the mention of his 13 years of service. 13 years? 2005 - 1973 = 22.

I guess it’s an open secret Cecil’s not doing the columns anymore.

Dude, check the date on the column. It was written in 1986. 1986 - 1973 = 13.

Also, I believe you are confusing the Dino the Dinosaur reference with the reference to the Sinclair dinosaur that Cecil had as a child and found “oddly charming”, in this column.

Yer right. Never mind me.

I’ll be standing over here with a sign around my neck, that says.

Laugh and Point at the Idiot

The Sinclair dinosaur was named “Dino”, anyway.

I want this for my custom title!

Only five bucks!