This is driving me insane

I can’t figure this one out for the life of me:

T’is just a bit of cybersleight of hand, my friend.

They remove all the cards, not just the one you pick.


I mean, I’m amazed at what an idiot I am.

I’m usually pretty good with subtleties, but the obvious has been known to escape me. :slight_smile:

No worries. When I first saw a version of this, me and my friends were bent over that darn monitor for about an hour tryin’ to figure it out. Then I went home and played with the email my friend sent to me.

Only way I figured it out was writing down what the cards were, and then what they became after th’ click.

There’s been another thread somewhere here on this, too.

We are not alone … :wink:

What’s really funny are some of the responses:



i figured this out the first time i did it. seemed a bit fishy to me. notice how they have 2 different pages you can go to in order to change it a little bit?

hah hah hah.

That’s a pale imitation of The Great Swami Omigami.
Gotta have the cool music.:smiley:

This trick is out there in several places and I figured it out the way Ice Wolf did (definitely not on the first few passes). I just want to emphasize what DanielWithrow said, some of the visitors’ explanations are a hoot.