On-line ESP experiment

Check this out:


Did it remove the card your were thinking about?

Let me know if it worked for you.

Ah Crafter Man.

None of the cards on the second page are on the first page.


I think this one is already debunked on SNOPES. . .
Um, yeah, you will notice that NONE of the original cards are still there.
Sorry if I ruined the magic.

I knew this thread was going to say that.

It worked!
I actually wasted almost 5 minutes on this stupid thing.
I CANNOT BELIEVE that it got me the first couple of tries!
What’s really hilarious is to go to the ESP Explanation page, and see what people have written in the guestbook regarding neural
interceptors, eye movement tracking software, etc. :smiley:


Spoiler! No fun! :wink: