This is especially complicated. Does he like me?

I’m a cashier and there’s this guy who comes in every Monday except for the past two or three Mondays and I gotta say I am completely infatuated. But I don’t know how the whole flirting thing works. I’m only nineteen and I stay to myself. Then he’s 42 which makes it even more difficult to understand.

But I swear he likes me. When I first started working there he’d come in and get the same thing every Monday and say, “You should remember me by now. I always get the same thing.” But I was just starting there and it was always so busy (customers come in huge waves). Well, I felt bad and it didn’t hurt that he’s handsome and wears a suit every Monday so I decided I would try to remember even though I thought in the back of my head, “Why does it even matter?” And I remembered the next time and he seemed pleased. He said, “Now all you gottea do is remember my name” or something to that effect. I did. And the next few Mondays I’d really enjoyed talking to him and sigh he’s so tall and just gorgeous and his eyes are like bedroom eyes or something and they’re so blue. He always wants to talk to me. Never fails. Even when the line is a little long behind him we always get a few sentences in.

One Monday I wasn’t ringing but was out wiping tables and he came in then. I was like, “Damn, now I’m gonna miss him.” By that time I had started getting won over (I wasn’t immediately gaga over him). Well, he saw me and… hold on sniffles swings his body around just to say hey to me. I just die a little inside because I’m getting so weak. I wasn’t ringing and he still made sure to speak to me. There was really no reason to.

Then the last Monday I saw him we conversed as usual and I found out he went to the university that I’m going to now. Then he kinda looks away and starts thinking - making this thinking face. I didn’t know what was happening I thought he’d forgotten my name but he said, “No, I remember your name.” Then he finally looked back at me and asked me, “How old do you think I am?” I say late 30s early 40s. Looking back I wish I’d gone a bit lower because he actually could pass for early thirties (there’s not a gray hair on his head) but I watch to much Law and Order so I give an accurate estimation like a dumbass. Anyway, he says, “That’s pretty good.” And I kept asking if I was right as he’s backing away a bit (remember we got a line of people wanting their food). He always goes to the salsa bar so that’s where he’s headed. I don’t know he kept looking kind of unsure or something. His body language? I don’t know. Then just as the next customer comes up he tells me he is 42. I smile that ol’ “hmm not bad” smile and that’s where the conversation ended.

Come on, guys. Let’s be real. Why would he tell me his age if he didn’t like me? None of my other customers do the things he does. I swear he likes me but I’m scared I’m just imagining things. But he’s so awfully good-looking especially in a suit (I’m a sucker for suits). Tall, dark, and handsome. I just wanna run a hand through his hair.

Problems: Well, I guess there’s the 23 year age gap. And he’s the same age as my mom and idk she might trip but I wouldn’t care. And I’m black, he’s white. We’re in the south, this town isn’t particularlyliberal (actually super conservative, I think). And I’ve never been in an actual relationship. And, to be honest here, I’m from the other side of the tracks. I seriously doubt I’m anything he thinks I am. If this even were to materialize, what about dates? I’ve never been on one. I actually hate dressing up. I NEVER wear makeup. Wouldn’t it be doomed from the start? Lol

But I’d do it anyway because, Jesus H. Christ, the way he smiles at me and those eyes. And his voice is like perfectly deep. I’m dying right now. I’m not imagining things, man! But I must be because nothing so awesome would happen to me.

My next move is to tell him my age and see what happens. Nothing will probably happen. But I’m gonna sneak it in there somehow. My birthday will be on a Monday so I’m probably gonna ask him if he thinks I should take the day off or come to work just to give him his food wink**wink ya know.

I’m just ugh dying over here. And I only have one person to talk to about it and I don’t wanna talk about it often because I don’t wanna seem like I’m crazy about him but idk maybe I am. But that’s not how I conduct myself! So I’ve got this all bottled up inside me and I can’t do anything about it. Aghhh!

Problem: I haven’t seen him for the past two or so Mondays. Maybe it’s just because of the holidays?I’ll cry if I never see him again. I swear I will. I’m no punk but a river will be running through this city.

Please what do y’all think.

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Unless this is a script for a Lifetime movie.

He likes you. I’m guessing his wife will feel differently.

I can’t speak for him, but such an age difference wouldn’t bother me. And I’m 42.

Tell you what. Talk to him. The worst he can say is no. And if he says no, you’re not any worse off than you are right now.

If that happens, drop ME a line. I’ve been looking for a new Girl Wonder, anyway. :wink:

Why have you never been on a date before?

Moving to IMHO.

She’s only 19 and apparently working class. I don’t find this strange.

This OP sounds like a sock account or fake profile because the OP’s username is specifically tailored towards a particular thread topic.
Plus of course the December 2015 join date.

I know guys who talk to all women more-or-less like that. My brother is in almost constant quasi-flirt mode with female retail and service people, including 20+ years younger and older. He’s not into them, he just likes the service it (often) gets.

Is there something about being working class that inhibits dating? What a strange comment.

I don’t know what to think.

But I’d say find a way to talk to him away from where you work. Maybe ask if he has time to get some coffee and give you pointers about that university you have in common.

19 year old girl. ____ …and the OP is the girl.
42 year old guy. /

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That you should at least stick around for a reply.

These types of accusations are not permitted outside of the Pit. Please don’t do this again.

The title of the OP reminds of the time long ago when we purchased a female guinea pig as a potential mate for our male guinea pig. Before placing her in his cage one of us asked, “Will he like her?”.

Well, yes.

I didn’t know people would respond so quickly. I thought it would take a day for like three responses but… yeah. I was wrong.

Yes. One often has less time, and/or less freedom of schedule.

I just haven’t. I don’t care to socialize with my peers. There’s not really a reason why. I wasn’t a loner or anything. I always had friends at school but just at school then I’d go home and maybe have like three :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess nobody has asked the obvious question, at least obvious to me: is he married or not?

That’s so straightforward! I had a mini heart attack just considering that. I’ll wait till I’m super desperate to do that haha