This is for all of you who hate state testing

ok… i drew this comic last year cuz i hate state testing cuz its dumb… but neway i made it again on my computer and i cant get it into this thread, can someone help me?

That post is very cartoonish.

I can see why you hate testing.

You cannot post an image into your message on this board. You can link to it if it is on the web somewhere.


Is there really any valid reason to mangle the word “anyway” just to pevent from typing one extra letter? When I see “neway”, I immediately read it as some non-existant word that would be pronounced nee-way.


Anyway, Lamar Mundane has already pretty much answered your question. You place the image on a website somewhere, and then give us the link to it.

Depending on the content of your cartoon, when you get a link for it, you might consider posting it in MPSIMS (if it is just humorous) or in The BBQ Pit (if it excoriates the testing advocates). If you have a question about the reasons why one cannot post direct images on the SDMB, your post would be better in About This Message Board (unless you want to complain about the situation, then it is back to the Pit).

None of those possibilities really belong in this General Questions Forum which is where we post questions about the outside world that have factual answers.

Good luck on your next post.

Non-existent words are everywhere today, aren’t they?

Just before this is moved. People might want to have better things to do than flame a 10-year-old newbie asking how to do something? Just a thought.

Well, I’m certain that making spelling/grammar mistakes in a post correcting spelling/grammar is some sort of law or something.

I realize that I probably shouldn’t have mentioned it at all, but the whole “replace parts of words with single letters that sound like that part” thing really, really bugs me.

I agree with you, but I couldn’t resist the retort. I think you are thinking of Gaudere’s Law, although I do not know the origin.

That’s the one. A quick Google seems to indicate that it’s a SDMB-specific law, which is probably why I couldn’t find it during my initial search. I knew it started with a ‘G’, but that was it.

Gaudere is a mod in GD. Maybe someone who has been in here longer than me can enlighten us as to how Gaudere’s law was established. Did it begin as a theory, decried in Kansas for many years as being “just a theory” and that typos and misspellings could just as easily be divinely created, before being elevated to being a law?

Brother, this ain’t flaming. When we get to flaming, you’ll know.

Like I said. Little kid, wrong board, why flame? You can pit me if you wish, I suppose. I don’t care. I probably wouldn’t bother to respond, though. Good manners are important My post was reasonable.

Not In Anger: We didn’t flame. There’s a difference between correcting errors (in tone, spelling, and forum) and insulting the poster. If you can’t understand the difference, this may not be the place for you.

In fact, the person who’s come the closest to flaming is you, NIA.

I’m sorry. Apparently you understand that difference better than I.