This is for ChiefScott

From the “What Single Event Had the Biggest Impact on Your Life?” thread, the Chief said he needs to get to know me better. I assume that this is because I said I partied my ass of with a lot of booze and a lot of sex when I was younger. So here’s your chance Chief, what do you want to know? I’m an open book with very little to hide. Fire away.

Are you sure you really want to do this?

Just moseying into this thread to fulfill all of my voyeuristic tendencies. Carry on.

Well, shit…I partied my ass off with a lot of booze and a lot of sex when I was younger, too, and ChiefScott never said he needed to get to know ME better.

Hmm…, better get a good seat while I can.

::sits down and turns on tape recorder::

ChiefScott don’t fail us now.

::grabs popcorn and takes a seat::

This is gonna be good.

ok. it’s been about an hour. Wherre are you chiefscott? hmmmm? we are all waiting.

finds a seat, amused

OKay Chief, how you gonna get yourself out of this one?

Boobs, booze and boinking – is there a better troika?

So, Rach, do tell. Which drink made you the “loosest?” Drinks after dinner, at a bar, or at the hotel room?
After the “first round” is it best to grab a quick srink whilst catching yer breath, or move right into “round two?”

And since you have very little to hide, how ‘bout takin’ off that shirt, hmmmm?

::taking notes for reference at Norfolk Doperfest::

sits down in back

did i miss anything yet?

Further questions –

Peppermint schnapps as nipple lubricant?
Are the drinks really neccessary or are they just a comfortable prelude to the boinkin’?

<beavis on>

heh heh heh he said “boinking”

<beavis off>

Hmmm… Pretty big audience here. Gives me an idea.

: Pulls out a tray of cold frosty ones. :

Beer! Get your beer here! Only a dollar!

I have a beer, thanks. Just keeping an eye on the chemical composition of the ocean.

And we continue…

Do you find a bed neccessary equipment for sex after drinking? Floor? Picnic table?

At keggers, paper or plastic cups?

Ice or refrigeration, preference for cans?

Lamest excuse you gave a girlfriend for sleeping with a guy after “partying?” Best excuse?

Yo Trion! Can I get a Rum & Coke instead?

Here ya go picmr.

Falcon, through the magical power of the internet, you can have whatever I can type. Here is your Rum and Coke m’lady.

Hey! Beer Man!

Well, hot damn. ChiefScott (note the lack of spaces and smilies in his name this time) has a better perverted imagination than I. How scary.