This is for ChiefScott

And so on…

How much would I have had to spend on booze in 1990 for you to have been a “sure thing?” How much would I have to spend on, say, 26 Aug. 2000?

What drink does a guy order which will instantly make you damp?

Funniest drunken positions? Orafices?

So, Rach, do tell. Which drink made you the "loosest?"

Jack Daniels was my drink of choice back then. Straight or mixed with Coke or Dr. Pepper it had the same effect. From what I remember, it made me very loose but I still had my senses. Today it’s Vodka & 7-up.
Drinks after dinner, at a bar, or at the hotel room?

Drinks with dinner before the bar, drinks at the bar, and drinks after the bar closed where ever I ended up… usually at my house or a friend’s house to party afterwards. We used to have a lot of pool parties after a night of drinking and those got kind of crazy. Lots of drunk people naked in a pool. That’s always fun!
After the “first round” is it best to grab a quick srink whilst catching yer breath, or move right into "round two?"

Move right into round two.

And since you have very little to hide, how ‘bout takin’ off that shirt, hmmmm?

Shirt’s off. Moving onward…

Peppermint schnapps as nipple lubricant?

I prefer the scented body lotions available at any adult novalty store. Rasberry is nice.

Are the drinks really neccessary or are they just a comfortable prelude to the boinkin’?

Back then they were a necessity. Now they are just a comfortable prelude.

Do you find a bed neccessary equipment for sex after drinking? Floor? Picnic table?

Beds are more comfortable to pass out in afterwards that’s for sure. I don’t like floors with carpet because of rug burns and linoleum is kind of slippery but it’s o.k. As for picnic tables, I’ve never tried it and have no desire to.

At keggers, paper or plastic cups?

Plastic cups.

Ice or refrigeration, preference for cans?

Refrigeration if I’m just drinking at home. If I’m at the lake or at a barbecue I prefer bottles on ice.

Lamest excuse you gave a girlfriend for sleeping with a guy after “partying?” Best excuse?

I never really had to justify who I slept with or why I slept with them so I don’t really have a lame excuse. I know that with my first it was, “I just wanted to get it over with.” With a couple of others it was, “He looked good and I was horny.”

How much would I have had to spend on booze in 1990 for you to have been a “sure thing?” How much would I have to spend on, say, 26 Aug. 2000?

Back in 1990 it would have taken a 12-pak of Budweiser. Today, there’s no amount of money in the world because my fiancee would kick your ass if you tried it. If I were available it would take about 10 vodka & 7s and 5-6 shots of tequila.

What drink does a guy order which will instantly make you damp?

Slippery Nipple shots or Bacardi Limon & 7-up.

Funniest drunken positions? Orafices?

I had sex in my bathroom once and the sink and toilet came in handy… the towel rack did too. There were 5-6 people in my living room at the time and when we came out of the bathroom they were cheering. I guess they heard the whole thing! Also, trying to have sex in a hot tub with 6 other people around you is rather difficult… but can be done.

Yikes. We’re all caught up and I owe winky99 a beer. Here ya go wink. :slight_smile:

You didn’t back off a one! That shows a lot of balls – I’m impressed with your honesty.

::sliding a Bacardi Limon & 7-up across the bar to Rach::

I’d just like to point out that Chief’s 2000 date is coincidentally the Norfolk fest…hmmm. Don’t think Aenea can pimp someone for ya, Chief?

And yo Trion! 'nother Rum and Coke? Please? batting eyes

Thanks for the drink Chief. Anything else you wanna know?

This can only get better, slide over my favourite Beatle, I’m joining the audience.

Certainly, Falcon m’dear. Here ya go.

Thanks Trion.

Wait. I need to switch tapes.

Iampunha quietly mosies on in and settles in a bean bag chair alongside his 6-pack of root beer, waiting to hear the juicy details . . . hehehe <eg>

OK, gang. I’m headed home so the bar is closed. Unless someone else wants to take over. :wink:

I guess that’s the end of my interrogation.

Nah, Chief’s probably in his “cold, lonely rack.” Give him a few hours…he’ll be back. And just as horny as ever.

ducking and running

Running while putting on X-ray protection suit to protect from, well, as much as possible . . . leads falcon into nearby fallout shelter, complete with . . .well, lots of fun stuff. Room for five more dopers.

Right behind you, iampunha. Always. Except when I’m a step ahead.