This is it. Allan Watts

I’m looking for opinions pro/con regarding Mr. watts ideology. I’m not going to share my beliefs right off the bat. Please share your thoughts with me.

How about “Who are you talking about?” A link or description of some kind would be appreciated.

Do you mean Alan Watts? I’ve encountered him, I don’t think any Westerner who dabbles in Buddhism hasn’t, but far too mystical for my tastes. Anything specific you were thinking of?

…aslo, a bit too fond of the whole entheogen thing (I’m now given to understand this was more a sixties thing with him)

You could do worse if you were looking for someone who blended Western and Eastern religious thought.

You say you are not going to share your beliefs right off the bat, but seeing it that way requires that we buy into the notion that your communication with us is really divided up into discrete components, “posts”, when actually they are part of a larger pattern, the “thread”; the cause of the later post that is yet to come in which you do share your beliefs is not (will not be) the post immediately before it, but rather it was your intention, right off the bat, to share that, as part of the entire thread. :wink:
Yeah, I’m fond of Mr. Watts and his insights. His Book occupies a special place on my shelf alongside a little pink tome written by his colleague Mr. Pirsig