This is my 500th Post!!!

Jump in everyone, beer’s on me. :cool:

Allright! Soon you will receive you 500th chip and certificate and the coveted chocolate statue of Unca Cese!
Err… Where’s the beer?

Er, I prefer my beer in some sort of container.

What are we supposed to do?

Wring you out?

Or something.

10, 9, 8…

And gems…each and every one! Congrats!!

Hey, ixnay on the countdownay.

Especially when beer is invloved!


Because beer is Terrierific!

…evensay, ixsay, ivefay…

hey, how come my 100th post celebration thread was closed in 90 seconds but this is still going on :dubious:

I’m crying foul - “Foul, foul…fowl even”

Line up all the moderators and shoot them. On second thoughts, send all the pretty one’s over to my house and line up the rest of 'em and shoot 'em.

Sorry, mr bus guy, no post party or post count padding threads. Thus the all-powerful UncleBeer spoketh: