This is really r&m...

The movie I was telling TennHippie about is called “Being John Malkovich” and is directed by Spike Jonze. It’s an independant with John Cusack, Cameron Diaz, and John Malkovich as himself. All I know so far, is that Diaz is ugly in it (I have a hard time imagining that) and John Cusack’s character finds a secret doorway into John Malkovich’s head. It’s an exploration into Mal’s subconsous. I, for one, cant wait.

I think (in italics there) I know what you’re talking about, only the thing I heard about it was Cusack uses a sock puppet to get into his head, to the point where Cusack thinks he is Malkovich.

Could be, Tangarine. I really don’t know much about the film yet. All I know is what my friend at the theater told me, and what I got from a simple search online. I only hope it’s released nationally, not just NY and LA.