This is starting to freak me out.

a ghostly figure floats in Boo!

I’m still around :slight_smile: And the image hasn’t gone away (even with Amazon Floozy Goddess’s help). I’m just waiting for pictures to show you guys–with any luck, they should be along in a few days…

picunurse, behind the screen is a glass window, and it always stays locked when I’m not in the room. Plus, the window is set on the second story, in the middle of a brick wall, with absolutely no way of scaling or climbing up. Trust me, nobody’s breaking in.

I’ll second that…they won’t even show my reflection


In which we will get to see a disembodied camera taking a picture of itself in the mirror [cue twilght zone music] :eek:

(or better yet, we will get to see what you look like, when taking a picture of the mirror :wink: )

A ghost co… never mind…

I do have a non- ectoplasmic explaination for the mirror. If its been humid, or there’s been a big temperature fluction, the glue that holds the mirror in its frame may have softened, pulling the silvering away form the glass. They just slobber the glue on, so it could easily be in a man shape
If the mirror doesn’t have a frame, check the back, it could be growing mold. That will also interrupt the silvering.

I agree that a dog will let you know if there’s something weird going on, but don’t count on the same from a cat. Cats just like to mess with your head. I know, I have several and my head is plenty messed with.