This is starting to freak me out.

Let me preface all this by saying that I’ve got a really vivid imagination. I’ve been watching the X-Files forever, and I believe our house is benignly haunted (as in, you get creeps and chills in odd places, but there’s no green goo coming out of the walls or things flying across the room).

But two weird things have been happening in my bedroom:

First, I have a full-length mirror attached to the back of my door–I use it to get dressed in the morning, brush my hair, all that stuff. Lately, I’ve been cleaning it over and over with Windex and paper towels, but there’s a foggy imprint on the glass that won’t go away–a distortion that really looks like a human figure, hands clawed, a sharp line across its neck.

Secondly, there’s a wire screen across my window, and (I admit it) it gets a little dusty. And ever since a week or so ago, there’s been a handprint in the dust–a hand that’s much bigger than my own. My mum’s hands are smaller than mine, if anything, and on the off chance my brother comes into my room, he never puts his hand up to the screen. I’ve tried rubbing it off–and it comes back, same as ever.

I’m trying to get pictures of all these to show you guys, but for now all I can do is swear I’m not making any of this up. It’s really starting to scare me. :frowning:

Well, go ahead and start stringing up some garlic and spreading toothpaste around the foot of your bed.

Actually, do you have any pets? I’d watch their behavior in these areas and judge from there. Other than that just keep a journal and try to be as observant as possible. Just don’t get paranoid or you’ll start jumping at your own shadow. Once you convince yourself of whether or not you’re haunted call up one of those ghost-hunter tv shows and tell 'em to come see you.

Take the screen off and hose it down.

Mirrors are fucked up man, don’t mess with them.

Take the screen to the driveway and wet it with the hose. Put some dish soap on it a scrub it with a broom. Shake dry and reinstall. It is probalby a oily handprint, probably from a human.
Take the mirror off the door and clean it with an ammonia and vinegar mix. Re-hang it upside-down on the door. The orientation adds to the illusion and this should make it less noticable.
If the image rights itself within a few days, haul ass. :smiley:

I’ll just wait for the pics first, if you don’t mind :wink:

Simple solution…just stand in front of the mirror and chant “Bloody Mary” three times. Her ghost will then appear and clean your windows for you.
…or something along those lines, anyway.

You may be onto something! Maybe you could get her to clean the image off the other side of the glass. You know… from the inside!

you mean like this?

I wouldn’t worry about the picture in the mirror, personally. I have a bathroom wall tile that looks just like a brain eating demon to me (it’s actually a bundle of flowers). Humans see pictures in things, that’s just the way it is. Do you get freaked out by cloud formations too?

You know, you guys are supposed to be reassuring me this kind of thing isn’t real… :wink:

I have one pet, a dog, and she seems to be absolutely fine in my room (won’t go down the stairs because she’s afraid of slipping, though). So either I have a dumb dog or nothing’s going on.

I also have a crucifix up in my room. No kidding. It’s a beautiful plasterwork cross that my grandmother gave me for Christmas, and it’s hanging just next to the mirror.

I’ll take your advice with the screen, and I’m also thinking about taking the mirror down (we have a bathroom mirror that would work equally well). Other than that? Well, sleep with the lights on tonight…

No, but I often imagine the front covers of my books are alive and talking about me. That might be an indication of something. :wink:

Is the image in the mirror getting just a wee bit bigger and closer each day?

Get those photos and put them up on eBay now! :smiley:

At the risk of being overly serious :slight_smile: – the smudge on the mirror is probably oily; I’m not sure how well windex works on that. Try taking some dish washing detergent to it, and see if that gets it off.

While it’s nice to think ghosts exists sometimes, unfortunately the mundane, pointless explanations always seem to carry the day in the end…

It’s the big, swishy spirit of Mr. Clean telling you to tidy up our dusty little abode.

Our dusty little abode? astro, we barely even know each other! :o

(My God! It–it looks just like the picture in the mirror! :eek: faints)

Too cute! Sent it to all my feline-lovin’ friends. Thanks

did you ever get this solved? we haven’t heard from you in a week

Kythereia, are you there?

Did it occur to anyone that the hand print was on the outside of the screen? Possibly someone was trying to break in. :eek: