This is the Greatest Music Video of All Time.

View it here. I will allow it to speak for itself.

Boy, that bass player’s really into it, isn’t he? I always thought headbanging originated in the 80s.

Can’t click the link at work, but I can only assume it goes to the Beastie Boys’ Sabotage video.


What, you guys have never seen slap bass before?

If so, you can’t imagine what real jazz players can do. Or Victor Wooten of Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, who swings his electric bass around his body like a figure skater twirling his partner.

Forget the image of bebop coolness. There’s lots of hot jazz out there from any decade of the last century that would blow any deathmusik guitar thrashers off the stage.

That yummydelicious array of female vibraphone players was what captivated me. The maraca babe was hot too.

Imagine having to do a full set of music night after night while worrying whether your strapless gown was about to fall down. :smiley:

Scumpup excuses himself to the restroom, a bottle of lotion in one hand and a box of tissues in the other

No, this is.

Link is SFW, video probably not.

I believe I could have happily gone the whole rest of my life without seeing that man’s ass.

Hey, they stole the riff from Alice Bowie’s “Earchache my eye”!

I’m not sure what’s so great about that video. Most of the babes had that pinned-on-grin look of lots of people when they were on television in the early days. The bass player was cool, but it seemed to me they were playing to a recording, because the timing seemed off several times in various places. I didn’t seem like a recording of a live performance to me.

It just seemed very typical of music captured on film back then. You could see performances like that every week on Ed Sullivan.

The hell you say.

This is the best video of all time.

Not in 1940, when the soundie in question was made, you couldn’t.

I didn’t know Rasputin dropped acid.

Tony, I am still crying from watching this. Please tell me it’s not real. There is no possible way something like that could be real. I would say that I’ve been scarred, if I wouldn’t break out in sheer laughter every time I think of this video/this guy.

That’s funny. I’ve been quite convinced, for several years, that this, in fact, is the greatest music video of all time.

The Beatles called: they want Yellow Submarine back.

Sorry, is actually not a Beatles reference.

Shoot. Wrong link. I meant the one in Nonsuch’s post.

You mean, it isn’t this? Because this video rocks my selfish little world.