This is the last weekend of summer...

…do you have any plans?

Not on purpose but this weekend I am going to be spending the time with my family in Glenwood Springs Colorado for my step-mom and her twin’s 50th birthday.

There is a 6 hour train ride from Denver to Glenwood on Saturday then Sunday, the same. What was my father thinking? (there are to kids in the mix, possibly four)

It only takes 3 hours to drive which is far easier on the parents.

Oh well, if it were my choice I would snag a few Colorado Dopers and meet up with Strainger in Telluride. I have been to Glenwood too many times in my life and Telluride would have been a good change of pace.

Sadly, I have no special plans for this weekend. I’ll probably hang out with my mom though. Maybe go see a movie or something.

Wow, it is the last weekend of summer. One year since I broke up with my ex. Time to party!

Anyway, I’m just heading up to Harrisburg to see my friends’ band on Friday night. I’m kinda psyched, since I haven’t seen them since May.

Otherwise, it’s rest time, and cleaning up the apartment time, too – my mom’s visiting the following weekend.

I’m gonna get drunk this weekend (yay), study, write music, and hang out with wimmen. Fun eh?? :smiley:

Big deal, I do that every weekend :p. I am going to play soccer and watch football this weekend.

I am going to try to kill me a deer this weekend. And anything else that crosses my path out in the woods.


Me too.

Democritus, meet Archer. Archer, meet Democritus.

Now, do those of us who hate hunting a favour and shoot each other.


I actually have some plans this weekend!

No work on Friday, so I am going to take my little guy down to Santa’s Village. Then, we may go to Pike’s Peak. I have a voucher for a free night at a hotel, so perhaps we’ll stay overnight. My big guy is out of town, so it’ll just be Blake and me. We’ll do some mommy and son bonding.

Then, I have a sitter on Saturday night so I can go see the Red Hot Chili Peppers with my 3 girlfriends. We’ll probably have some beers after the show (and before, and during), and cause general mayhem.

Yippee!! I’m totally looking forward to the weekend!

I’ll be working, as usual. It being the last weekend of summer doesn’t mean much to me, since I live in FL. The seasons never change here.

Me thinks Michi needs to do a few things.

Move to a northern climate so she can enjoy the changing seasons. ('Sides there are a lot of men who need warming in the winter time, really there are!)

Get a job with a regular vet so she can have regular work hours and enjoy the weekends like 75% of the population.

Cheer up hun, you know we love you! You seemed so blue in that post.

Laser tag with my buddies. WHOOO-HOOO!! Sorry, sorry dudes, got a little excited.

Plans? You mean besides grading 21 freshman English papers, attempting to read Horace, and consuming a lot of alcohol? Nope.

School, alas, started almost a month ago here.


That is a great plan!!!

Thanks, it’s only Wednesday and I’ve already started.

Tech, I am hoping to see a change of season when I go to Rochester next month.

As for my job, well, I do like the fact that I can cram in 40 hours of work in only three nights, and have the rest of the week off. I also like working at night, and I really like doing emergency medicine over general. It would be nice to work on the weeknights instead of the weekends though.

I’m going to watch my alma mater get annihilated by Michigan this Saturday.

I know, I know, the soul of optimism, am I…

Probably going to go sailing… but like Michi says, it’s Florida, so end of summer really has no meaning.

And having lived most of my life with changing seasons, I find I prefer where I am. Anyway, NE FL does have seasons of a sort.

I’ll be working too. I hope everyone shows up for work and all is quiet so I can go home early because it’s my kids birthday Sunday…maybe I’ll just bring her with me :slight_smile:

I get to travel to Atlanta for a class. Weee… One good thing, there is a place called “The New American Shakespeare” Tavern. I am going to check out a play Sunday night.