This is the only Issue I have with Facebook

When you join a certain group it’s announced to all the people on your friends. For example, I wanted to join a group geared to Plus size women but I don’t want all my friends and family knowing what I like lol Why can’t this be private? I also saw that my cousin joined a group for introverts which is her business. I just don’t like all this announcing what groups you are involved in. I mean does your friends and family need to know everything you do online?
BTW: I wish it was a such thing as FamilyBook so my mom could be separated from my friends

That does appear to be a legitimate privacy issue or at least it was a couple of years ago unless they have added some other privacy setting to disallow that type of post to your friends’ news feed. It gets even worse than that. Anyone can create any group like “Pedophiles for a freer America” and add any of their friends to it. You will become a member even though you only got an “invitation”. That will also show up on your friends’ and family’s newsfeed without you doing anything.

This issue only applies to certain types of groups that the group administrator has control over but it is a problem if they set it up incorrectly (Secret groups do not announce their members for example). People have been outed as gay to to their family because of it.

IME joining groups is a proactive thing. Group administrators can’t just add random people willy nilly.

Anyone can add their friends to groups. I could start a non-private group called “people who are gay” and add all my friends.

Try reading the the prior posts and cite I provided before you post please. You may have more recent information about changes to the model. If so, please inform us about when those changes occurred with a cite. If you won’t read the article, the short summary is that invitations you get to public groups aren’t invitations at all. You have already been added and it shows up in your news feed whether you like it or not.

Shag: That’s why I said IME!!! The groups I’m part of are closed. I believe closed groups require active volition on the part of members.

That is absolutely true but it is also irrelevant. Can’t you see how it might be a problem that ANYONE on your friends list can create an open group with any title and add people to it without their prior knowledge or consent? That is serious privacy and retaliation threat. OTOH, I could have had great fun with that feature when I was in high school.

Obviously I see the problem. Just have zero experience with it.

What do you want your friends and family to not know? That you are a plus size woman? Or that you find them sexy?

<stage whisper> They already know both, hon.

I also have no opinion on this matter!

Isn’t it a standard safety rule to assume that everything you do online is public?
That’s what we are supposed to teach the kids, right?

And that’s why I have zero contact with Facebook.
The first,last, and only time I went to the facebook registration page, even before I had typed in any information at all, it “suggested” that the following people might want to be friends with me…and then listed everybody in my email address book, and dozens of other people , including the newborn baby of a cousin of a friend of one of my email friends. I did not know the baby existed, and I have never had any contact with its parents. But Facebook knows I have contact with people who have contact with the baby,etc…

I would assume that a person who did that would swiftly be unfriended by everyone, right? (Assuming they didn’t wanna be part of the group)

If you want to keep something private don’t put it on line.

This is just another reason why I have no desire to be on Facebook.

It is sort of weird that you can be added to a group by someone else.

Everything else in Facebook works on the invitation/response model. You can’t add friends to someone else’s list, or install an app on their behalf.
There must be a reason why this is different (even if it’s not a very good reason)

This isn’t about something you put online - it’s about something someone else can subscribe you to, online. Would either of you be happy if I (a non-administrator) could edit the ‘interests’ section of your SDMB profile?

Groups seem to work on a slightly different plane than the rest of Facebook. I’m the admin of a 2500+ member group and everything is weird with groups.

But you’re right it should be that you add someone to a group and they say yes or no. Before we locked our group down we had people adding their friends to our group all the time and their friends would be like “I literally have no idea what this is, I have no interest in it, and I have no idea how to get out of it.” Because the default action of groups is also to post group posts to your newsfeed, so that’s awesome too when you are added to a really fast-moving group.

Just join a bunch of weird groups to distract people. Nobody will notice you joined a group for plus sized women when you also join furry porn lover group, people who like serial killers, the American Nazi party, and a group promoting childhood hunger (yes, promoting). Its the same reason why some guys buy a bunch of random crap when they buy condoms.