This just makes me want to grab my rifle and climb a tower

I was tooling around today and I ended up going to this web site, because… you know… I needed to learn about Doritos for an experiment I was planning.
Before I post the link and you click it, be sure and watch it carefully:
Did you see it? Do you understand?
I originally discovered the issue in this thread on "Bee Sting Therapy in GQ:

As I said in that thread:

You don’t understand do you? I told my wife and she looked at me like I was crazy.

You see, the motto for Doritos brand tortilla chips is "Byte Sized Fun."
When the Dorito graphic comes up though it tells us that "Doritos Brand Tortilla Chips are not bite-sized"
Well, that totally destroys the irony inerent in the Homonym, does it not? Then why bother you morons? What’s the point?
Oh, I know what happened. I’ll bet a case of beer that the original motto for Doritos was “Bite-sized fun!” and then some moron thought that this was a legal warranty that meant you were supposed to try to swallow them whole. Then, he was rushed to the hospital and operated on, and they surgically removed the Dorito from his esophogas. Once recovered he sued Doritos brand tortilla chips for $10,000,000 and now Doritos had to change the motto.

Everybody identifies Doritos with “Bite Sized Fun” so some Vice-President of marketing had the revelation of his career and justified his salary for life doing nothing by saying "I know. Let’s change the motto from “bite-sized fun” to “Byte-sized fun. We’ll just tie it in with the occasional computer game or electronics giveaway and we’ll be protected forever.”

Doubtless, the Board of Directors cheered this genius for the breakthrough, and so it was…

except a lawyer said “well we better just make sure we put in a disclaimer that lets everybody know that doritos are not “bite sized.” That way we disclaim the suggest irony of the homonym and its implicit suggestion that you stick whole Doritos bramd torilla chips in your mouth.”
Everybody nodded sagely at this.

Maybe this seems perfectly normal and reasonable to you. For me, THAT’S IT!!!
I’m done. I’m climbing the tower. Who’s with me?

[Backs away verrrrry slllooowwwwly from scylla’s post]

I’m not surprised.

This country is going down the crapper.

Let’s hope it’s a dark tower. If you know what I mean.

Who told you it was a good idea to go off the meds?


We’ve secretly replaced Scylla’s regular coffee with pure crack. Let’s see what happens.

Sure. Go ahead and laugh at me.
This is your world. Your Doritos come with warnings, disclaimers, and instructions.

They don’t do that in my world. In my world you don’t need warnings and disclaimers with your snacks. We know how to masticate our chips, dammit.

As far as I’m concerned an incompetant masticator is worthless!
The door at work has a handle and a sign under it that says “Pull.”
AHA! so that’s how you work that.
I have seen… with my own eyes… not once, but many times… a person walk up to that door, put the hand on that handle, attempt to push… and walk into the door.

Then they’ll try again, and maybe a third time before they figure it out.
Like I said. This is your world. It was designed for you.

Veddy veddy intereztink.
Tell me more about zis world that only you inhabit?

Scylla, hold still for a moment? I’ve just got to take your measurements… hmmm… right, right… yes, I think this straitjacket is the perfect fit…

We are messing with nature too much. Stupidity is SUPPOSED to get you killed…it’s better than having all those stupid people stick around, because then you’ll just have pestilence and famine. I say that we should LET people eat Doritos whole, smoke cigarettes, or not watch their step.

Hear hear!

So, Doritos aren’t bite sized because of some corporate fiat. They are still byte sized. Is that one byte per Dorito? Is a bag of Doritos 1 gigabyte? And can I add a few mega Doritos to my video card?

That doesn’t make a great deal of sense to me. Even if they were bite-sized, you’d still need to chew them once you got them into your mouth. I tend to try to put the whole Dorito[sup]TM[/sup] into my mouth anyway, so I can wipe the nasty orange stuff off my fingers and reach for another one. It fits okay, but the pointy corners can be a bit cumbersome.

Can I have my own tower?

I watched the link before reading the rest of the post, and I was tossing up between the Byte Sized note not bite sized or the spelling mistake at the end of the intro clip being the cause of your rant. I see it’s the former - did you notice the latter?

One billion Doritos. Math isn’t my strong suit, but something tells me that’d be one big bag o’ chips.

I blame Bushco.

Reeder, that was hilarous. At least I think you are poking fun at yourself.

Scylla’s a dude? Learn something new everyday…

Scylla is a dude with access to a chainsaw, bees, a rifle, and a remote controlled blimp for reconnisance. I wouldn’t poke too much fun. He has used groundhogs for what he plans to do to people one day.