This makes South Park look like the 700 club

Okay – normally not what I go in for, but the commercial was so crazy I had to check out the site:

warning animated pornographic and somewhat disgusting stuff
So, have I been living under a rock? Where did this come from?

(insert IMAX-sized :eek: here)

Just about anything humanly imaginable can be found on the net. Very little surprises me anymore.

Heheh. I like the Bert & Ernie one.

I found sick enjoyment in Yucko the clown. Something amusing about an a**holish clown wandering the streets of NY.

So, some sophomores throw together a dvd of their sophomoric humor and hope to sell it on the net.

And you’re surprised? At what exactly?

My favorite Yucko line was when he was one of the three judges on Howard during a “hot enough for Playboy?” segment. The girl had several piercings, including eyebrow and nose.

Yucko: “Your face looks like it fell into a tackle box.”

I prefer tentacle porn for my weird sex fix.

I think you mentioned this in a previous thread… I had to spend time looking it up just to see what I was missing :smiley:

Sure, but South Park is shown on mainstream TV.

I watch city government meetings on public access.