This may be the weirdest flash game I've ever played...

Be Bill Cosby! Lure people to you with pudding, belt them over the head, and dump their bodies in a hole in a cave!

(What makes it more fun is you get to whack Full House’s Kimmy.)

That just ain’t right.

This game is ridiculous, but funny. Selling Urkel’s body on eBay, getting killed by KITT, hitting people over the head with Kodak cameras…I never realized Bill Cosby led such an interesting life.

…That’s even weirder than Polybius. scratches head

A great way to spend a Christmas afternoon.

Has anybody managed to beat it yet? I keep running out of money, and the Family Matters dad keeps breaking my camera.

I did. Just don’t offer him pudding. Kimmy seems to be the only one with any cash, so she’s the only one I kept killing. I just skipped the other ones.

In addition to the weirdest flash game, this may be the weirdest post I have ever written.

Thanks, metj! I just beat the game and rode off into the sunset with a pair of orangutans and an Olsen twin. So beautiful, it brings a tear to my eye.