This old Taco Bell commercial is making my mouth water

Man, their food used to be so much tastier back then—juicy, flavorful enchiritos, burritos, crunchy tostadas—and the tortillas were nice and toasty, not stretchy and gummy like they are now.

Moe: So hi there. Don’t scream!
Woman: Oh, hi! Wanna join me for a Bacardi and soda?
Moe: Yeah, that’d be great!
Woman: Or maybe you’d prefer a cool, refreshing Bacardi Coloda!
Moe: Sure, whatever…
Woman: Because Bacardi makes the night come alive - with freshness!
Moe: Uh, dost thou work for Bacardi?
Woman: No, I’m in love with you.

Seems legit.


You sound like a big supporter of Taco Bell.

Man, I used to love those enchiritos.

:rolleyes: I doubt a shill for Taco Bell would characterize their current fare as “stretchy and gummy”.

This seems as good a place as any to complain about Taco Bell discontinuing their fire-roasted salsa. :frowning:

Good thing he waited ten years to start advertising. :rolleyes:

And the commercial I linked to is more than 30 years old.

This, plus the OP has been here for 10 years and amassed 21,000 posts. Clearly all in service of his radical faux-Tex-Mex fast-food agenda.

Taco Bell has sleeper agents everywhere!

Unfortunately Taco Bell didn’t make it clear to their agents that when they were activated, they were supposed to shill for the current franchise, not the franchise as it existed when they were first placed in deep cover.

The tragedy of the orphaned sleeper agent. It’s like those sleeper agents who were put in place by the Soviet government. What do they do now?

I actually like(d) Tostadas, and when they made a brief apperance this spring I ordered them when I visited Taco Bell (a fair amount). Alas, they faded away again, probably because they were kinda skimpy on the ingrediants - not too great a value.
Of course, the question is what is the multiplier between how good the food looks in the commercial and what it really looked (and tastes) like in real life…

I eat at Taco Bell a lot, and except for the fact that the burritos and enchiritos in that commercial have olives on them, they look exactly the same as the products they sell now.

On a side note, the Taco Bell franchises in my area still sell tostadas. And chili cheese burritos, which I understand have been discontinued in most of the country. Up until a few years ago they sold “mexi-fries” as well, which were little lightly seasoned tater tots ripped off from Taco Time (why anyone would want to rip off Taco Time is another question entirely, of course, since they make Taco Bell look like authentic Tijuana street food).

When I bought Chicken burritos at TB in college back in the 90s, it was all chicken, veggies and cheese. Years later I went back and the chicken burrito was a little chicken, tons of beans and rice as filler and then the veggies and cheese so they do seem to have changed.

I never understood what the deal was with sliced olives. Olives? Not peppers?

But I loved the enchirito.

Yeah that old enchirito was magnificent. I think the last one I had was in 1993 or so. The current enchirito just isn’t anything like it.