This....Rob Morrow person.....

The recently-elected Travis County (Tx) Republican Party chairman has some interesting tweets, to say the least.
A couple nights ago, in a 61 to four vote, the Travis County GOP passed a resolution disavowing Morrow. When asked why he wasn’t at the meeting, Morrow said, “I decided not to go because I needed to mow my grass yesterday.”

…you mean Robert Morrow!

Not Fleischman! You had me worried for a minute!

His Twitter feed is…definitely interesting. At the moment there are lots of tweets about GHWB being involved in a homosexual pedophilia ring and having various people murdered. Also many pictures of boobs.

Someone want to provide a link so we know what the fuck you’re talking about?

Travis County Republicans have named an actually crazy person, Mr. Morrow, to lead them. He sounds like fun, though.

He looks like the kind of guy you’d see working in an asylum back in the 1800’s.

Working in an asylum?

Twitter feed

also this link:

Well, ok, patient-trustee in an asylum.

Patient who chewed through a guard’s throat, and is now wearing a bloody guard’s uniform.

I love how he conspicuously plays with a Rubic’s cube during the interview to say “Look at how intelegunt I am!”

From the linked article:

He has a point.

Now I know the Travis County Republicans are about as utterly irrelevant as Republicans can get in Texas, but that guy’s a mouthbreathing idiot, and sexist to boot.

Yeah, Travis County! I have no doubt there were plenty of mouth-breathers who thought Rob was just the man for the job, but I’m guessing for many others it was a middle finger to the governing body.

If the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants, so too must a clown show electoral body be occasionally humiliated by actual clowns.

This is why you fund public education. This is why you disavow wackjobs even if they’re wackjobs stumping for you. This is why you balance the needs of your campaign funding lobbying groups with the actual will of the people. This is why you compromise to achieve some measure of your goals and then sell the deal to your constituents. This is why you and your coworkers do the job you are all paid to do.

Everything i’ve seen from that guy makes him seem like a sort of caricature that a radical lefty would create in order to make Republicans look as bad a possible. Really, though, all it shows is how easy it can be for crazy people and a small number of idiotic voters to get a hold in local politics.


I clicked on the link, just to see what he’s been up to.

He is married to a woman named Debbon Ayer, and they have a son named Tu Morrow.

Fuck me!



Well, as long as we are talking local politics and GOP Chairman…

The GOP Chairman for my county wrote a letter to the editor - paraphrasing - “The two books that founded this country, the Bible and the Constitution…”

:smack: :smack:

Made even more… something… by the fact that “ayer” means “yesterday” in Spanish.

He is simply a misunderstood proponent of Freedom.