This sucks!

I just got a phone call from one of my friends telling me that one of our friends died Monday nite.
From what we understand he had had a few drinks and passed out in his in-laws car and froze to death. We had a wind chill of minus 11 that nite.
It was funny that when I read about it in the newspaper today that I got an odd feeling. The didn’t release the name in the paper his sister-in-law called my friend to tell him.
Man this really sucks! He was only 27 and has small children.
They are still doing an autopsey to rule out foul play but they are pretty sure that it was exposure.


That is horrible. At least he was passed out/asleep so he didn’t feel any pain. (As if that’s a comfort at all right now. Sorry.)

Please try and help out with his kids (I know you have enough to do taking care of yours…) and wife.

I don’t know what else to say.



I’m really sorry. I hope you feel better. {{{Kricket}}}


My modem went out so I haven’t been around for a while, but here is an update.
He died of an anurism. Had a massive stroke. He had been complaining about pain for the past few months.
He must have known it was comming because he pulled the car into the alley a few blocks from home and put it in park and turned it off.
I didn’t go to the visitation or the services. I lit a candle for his family.
It’s kinda funny that when my oldest asked me what I was thankful for this year I had a whole new perspective on it.