This Sunday's NYT Crossword Puzzle

Worth doing.

The puzzle isn’t so hard - I got it all except 2 letters in 2 Across. What I found impressive is the construction. I can imagine how someone could come up with the idea, but then actually doing it. WOW!! Pretty damned nifty.

And for Twickster’s benefit, it was created by Kelsey Blakely.
In case you’re wondering…

On Saturdays, our carrier delivers the non-newsy sections of the Sunday NYT. This includes things like the Book Review, the Sunday Magazine, etc.

I got it perfect, so Nyaah Nyaah! :smiley:

Different areas get different puzzles on Sundays (my brother in NJ gets puzzles a week earlier than we do) so, what is the title on the puzzle you are referring to?

That’s interesting. It’s…


Let me know the title of your brother’s Sunday puzzle

Moved from IMHO to . . . MPSIMS, I guess.

Sorry, Although I love my brother, I’m not paying the long distance fees to find out that way!

OK, the one we just got is FLIP-FLOP, so he would get whatever one is a week beyond that one. (I think because he gets the NYT, we just get their puzzle in our paper!)

Me too. Does that mean the one the OP is talking about is coming next week?

Wait a minute—there can’t be a 2-Across, can there?


No no no no!!! :smack:

It’s 5 across. Sorry. I’d have answered sooner but I just got up from a long nap. And the theme is still FIVE-STRING.

And, Thudlow, I’ll have to ask you to stop being so damned observant. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I feel like Encyclopedia Brown, or something.

How did Thudlow know that BarnOwl was lying? Turn to page 57 for the answer.

I wasn’t lying. I made an honest (but dumb) mistake.

We get the Times delivered, and another paper that gets the puzzle also, and the syndicated ones run a week behind the ones in the Times.

As for this puzzle, I found it of Monday or Tuesday difficulty. I could do it row by row starting from the top, in one pass. The trick (which got spelled out early) actually made it easier.

Nobody ever makes an honest but dumb mistake in Encyclopedia Brown-type stories. Get caught in an inaccuracy, and that proves you’re up to no good! :smiley: