This the most mindless thing I have ever read..

How can someone write this drivel? Talk about revisionism. This is just a bit extreme.


that someone could even think about such extreme historical revisionism to such a horrific event as the holocaust in such a total inversion is so rediculous that it doesn’t even deserve the attentions of such a prestigious body as the SDMB.

they are all but stating that the concentration camps were run by jewish people to methodically murder the german peoples.

that said, it is now time to laugh at the psuedo-nazi extremist-revisionists.

HA! foolish psuedo-nazi extremist-revisionists!

Well, they have every right to say it, and we have every right to take it apart. It sounds just like most weak arguments, utilizing phrases like “many acclaimed historians” etc. The idea is to create the impression on the part of the reader that this is out of his league, and that he should agree with these “acclaimed historians”.

This sort of tactic relies on ignorance and mental laziness. I can find facts, testimony, and evidence which all but prove that the arguments presented on that site are false, but will everyone? Is everyone skeptical? The article does not seek to educate, since the facts are not on it’s side. It seeks to replace ignorance with prejudice.

Most of the arguments presented there are rebutted at It’s an excellent site, for anyone interested in learning more.

I read very little- I suspect that this guy is one of those “there’s no proof that the holocaust ever happened” guys. It’s spew.

The same site has other articles ranging from the alien face on mars, to other anti-holocaust articles, and other weird shit. Some amusing, some just stupid or offensive.

No law against stupidity.

From the “Welcome” page at the site:

In other words, to attract an audience, we will publish/broadcast/post anything and let our audience decide what is true.


“Freedom of speech is only for those who tell the truth.” A German constitutional lawyer commenting on neo-naziism in Germany. I thought this was pretty stupid as well.