This thread is just about this thread

Right now there’s nothing in this thread but this post and this post is about nothing but this thread. It could be that some other posts about this thread may expand on the idea of this thread, but if they are really a part of this thread they shouldn’t be about anything but this thread.

I think this thread belongs in the Pit.

Now there are two posts (three counting this one) in this thread and already there’s some question about where this thread should be. So far only two people have posted to this thread, but at least there are some posts in it.

this thread

Where will this thread end?

Where did it come from?

Is it expanding outwards from a central core, or has it always been?

This thread is at war with Eurasia.

This thread has always been at war with Eurasia.

laif’s link leads back to this thread.

Are we allowed to discuss This thread?

This thread is absolutely ridiculous.

With apologies to Lena Horne

So far, posts to this thread are as follows:

Zeldar 2
lainaf 1
Happy Scrappy Hero Pup 1
Zoe 1 (plus spoiler box)
jjimm 1 (at the time of compilation; 2 at the time of reading)

Do you guys remember in this thread the other day when WIGGUM posted that thing about the pit and then other people responded about this thread and then some time passed and jjimm started tracking who posted how many times a person posted to this thread and then I came in and started posting about asking if you guys remembered that time that WIGGUM posted that thing about the pit.

That was really cool.

Ah fuck, WIGGUM, **WIGGUM ** and Homebrew have ruined my statistics on this thread. And now so have I.

Since the thread mentioned in the link is included in this thread and has some relation to this thread by way of that link and the name “thread” we may have to allow discussion of this thread to include the mention of the link which is now part of this thread, but to digress to discussing the actual thread in the link to the other website would be against the expressed purpose of this thread which is to talk about this thread.

But as we can see this thread is developing a life of its own and it’s going to be progressively more difficult to decide what the nature of this thread is.

Offhand, I’d say no, but then this thread didn’t even exist before 08-22-2003 07:57 AM, so maybe this thread’s purpose and intent is yet to be revealed.

You see Zeldar knows something we all only think we know. Zeldar is the “They” we are all thinking of. You know, them. Those guys. So, ergo, this thread can only have been created from them, it had to be. It’s pure philosophical Logic at it’s best. Because we discussed this before, it can only be that this thread is right here in MPSIMS. Right? The way I see it is they are always trying to trick us into thinking something is true but it really isn’t. And in doing so they have created one of the worlds classic blunders. Which of course is “…never argue with a Sicilian when Death is on the line!” And never start a land war in Asia which this thread is sure to do!

I wish I could read the last post of this thread to see how it will end.

You know when 2 mirrors face each other and you stand between them and there are infinite images of you? That reminds me of this thread.

This post was intentionally left blank.

There really ought to be a way this thread could talk about itself, but then threads as we know them depend on people to speak for the thread. Now it is true that Zeldar (also known as I in the sense that I use the name Zeldar when posting to this thread) had a hand in giving this thread the kickstart needed to bring it into existence from the void where it had been lurking, but this thread is by no means just a Zeldar thing as anyone can plainly see. It’s not even fair to refer to Zeldar as the prophet that foresaw this thread, since all Zeldar did was start a thread about this thread, which at the time didn’t even exist.

We could make this very simple and just begin to worship this thread. It has a power none of us can even imagine.

As I said. Zeldar really is them. They started this thread to be worshipped. So I guess it wasn’t started to start a land war in Asia.
Well so what is Zeldar’s Creed?
If this thread were to be worshiped for what it is, I think you may spark a full on badger or weasel revolt. I’m not sure the boards are ready for that. I mean we can not even deal with over sized Gerbils and/or Hampsters. Well now that bring’s us right back to Asia now doesn’t it?

Until now there had been no mention of lemmings in this thread.