This thread is just about this thread

*Step right up, and guess who will be the next person to post to this thread!

It costs you nothing at all-- but if you guess correctly, you could be the envy of all your friends and neighbors!

You: in the blue shirt! Do *you *have any idea of who it might be? I’m sure you do! Just step right up and give 'er a whirl!

Soooo, who’s it gonna be?

Place your bets, place your bets!*

I bet it’s me.

Ah, yes…

I remember this thread. I think it was about 1984, no, 1985 when I first met this thread.

It was a cool October day, bright and sunny, but with a very chilly wind blowing.

Anyways, I out walking around the lake. Not exercising, I rode my bike for that. I was just enjoying the day off, letting the chill air, the warm coffee, and the lovely day envigoratemy senses.

Well, as I turned a corner down one particular path which led to a nice secluded bench, I notice this thread standing near the water. Oh, she was a sight! Looked to be about 20 or so. Slim, maybe 5’5", red hair, tight blue jeans, loosely wraped too large sweater…

She turned to me, her green eyes bright in the morning sun, a look of surprise on her face.

“Good morning,” she offered, her momentary surprise turned into a friendly smile.

“Hello,” I said. “Beautiful day, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” she said, “This is my favorite spot on these paths. You?”

As she said this, a sudden change in wind direction blew open her loosely tied too big sweater, revealing an almost sheer off white peasent shirt (remember, it’s the '80s) untied and flapping in the breeze. The swelling of her perfect breasts were visible to me, alabaster skin, a few freckles…

I looked. Hey, I was a 20 something guy, after all.

She saw my glance and smiled real big. “You like them?”

Flustered, I stammer, “Uh, y-yes. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to look.”

“It’s okay. I’m not offended.” She took about step or two closer to me, offering me hand. “Cherise. I just moved here about a month ago.”

I took her hand, “Steve. I just moved here last year. Pleasure to meet you.” And, boy did I mean it! Her hand was warm in mine, her grip firm but not masculine. A lone bird sang somewhere nearby.

more reminiscing later…

This one time?

At thread camp?

I posted.

Do you have to be single to participate in this thread?

I hereby post (in this thread).

Because they were banned by the Badger king back in 86’

I wonder how long it will take before someone finds a way to mention 1920s death rays in this thread?

I remember back in the day. Back when this thread was just beginning.

You’re too young to remember this, but back then, all this was just nothing - no posts, just a page end.

They were good times. I remember, just after it began, right, this one poster, WIGMAN I think was his name, though it’s been so long ago that I really can’t remember the exact details, anyway, he says something like “heh, you guys, you put this thread in the wrong forum.” I think he said it should go in IMHO or the Pit or some such. Ah, it was funny though.

Things were different back then. We knew how to make our own entertainment. People had more respect. Now where did I put my teeth?


This thread? Oh, I was thinking about this thread for some time, too. It just came to me all of a sudden that there needed to be a thread where the cares of the world, the pains, the trials and tribulations, the disappointments, the people who cause us trouble and confusion, the problems facing governments and developing countries, the whims of modern times, the vagaries of cultures and the people who drive the fashions and the ones leading the revolutions in entertainment and other forms of the arts, all of that, could just be set aside and the simple pleasures of a single thread, whose life had just begun, could be embraced and fostered.

I thought about it for a while, even slept on it, and then just decided this thread’s time had come.

You see? I was right. Here it is.

This thread makes baby Jesus think of this thread.

Go 'way kid, ya bother me
*So who’s it gonna be? Just who do you think the next poster in this thread will be?

Come one, come all! Guesses are like assholes-- everyone’s got one and most of 'em stink!

But, you, in the flowery sundress-- I bet yours doesn’t stink. So let’s hear it!

Step right up, step right up!*

At the time of this post, this thread is #206379.

Isn’t that a cute number?

If you add up all the digits in this number you get another number whose name is 27, and if you add those digits up you get 9, and there are many ways that 9 relates to this thread.

Can you name 9 of them?

When come back, bring this thread.

It would appear that this thread has not been graped by the grapist.

Sir, I would like to help finance this thread, I think its a winner, with my brains, looks, cash and your all terrain vehicle we could go far, pick me up at 8’ o the clock.

I was just thinking about this thread the other day…

Actually, I wasn’t thinking about anything at all, which sort of reminds me of this thread.

It’s the thread of all threads. It makes all the other threads look like… threads.

Sir, I like this thread of yours, in fact I like it so much I would like to buy it off of you, I could redecorate it and in a coupla months re-open it as ‘smam’s ye olde bookshop and discount aquarium’, how does £19,000 pounds sound to you my good man?