This website is using a scripted window...

Since I upgraded to IE 7, whenever I use the “Insert Hyperlink” button when composing a message on this board, I get a “yellow bar” message that says:

I can then only *temporarily * allow scripted windows.

This is the only time I ever see this message. There is no choice to permanently allows scripted windows from this site, as is allowed for pop-up windows.

I can’t find anything under the Internet Options, Advanced list that would address this. Got’ny ideas?

Security - Internet - Custom Level - Scripting - Allow websites to prompt for information using scripted windows - Enable

vBulletin support thread.


I found it hard to believe that you had to only allow or disallow, so I just tried something.
In the Security tab, click on trusted sites, then on the sites button, then add and uncheck the check mark under the box.

Doesn’t work for me without still “Allow websites to prompt for information using scripted windows - Enable”

On a related note, and I’m not trying to proselytize for Firefox, but for those people who are Firefox users, there is a great extension called NoScript that lets you selectively enable JavaScript (as well as Flash and Java) by site, and lets you even temporarily allow a site to run JS.

I consider JS to be a mild security risk, so surfing without it generally enabled makes sense.

For example, even though I use fairly frequently, I have no need to enable JavaScript at this site.