This weekend: Just the thing for Xmas, "Jesus Christ Superstar."

Since we don’t yet have a “shameless plug” forum here at the Dope, whatthehell, this should go in Cafe Society.

It’s creative, it’s art . . . I’ve suffered for my art, now it’s your turn.

This weekend, in fact.

::: warming up ::: lalalalala [cough]

I am playing this weekend in a band doing the most amazing production of “Jesus Christ Superstar” you are likely to witness in this or any other universe . . . and of course it’s just the thing for the holiday season.

Running this weekend here in Atlanta. (Sorry, out of towners. Petition us to tour; I could use the work. And we’ll come to your town.)

If there’s any way you can get over to 7 Stages this weekend to check this out, you should, you must . . . prepare to be surprised.

(And you get to hear me play trombone. I mean, is this not value for your entertainment dollar or what?)

Here’s where it is:

7 Stages Atlanta

And this is who it is, I am a part of “The Little 5 Points Rockstar Orchestra:”

Info and pictures here: The Little 5 Points Rockstar Orchestra

Running this Thursday - Friday - Saturday evening.

Tickets are $12.50 and may be purchased at the 7 Stages box office.

Be there or be damned.

The part of the Rockstar is being played this evening by . . . me.

I’m not in Atlanta, but wow, tuba, I would love to be able to see this. How freakin’ awesome is it that there’s an annual tribute to the original concept recording of JCS? I adore that album, grew up on it.

Hope the performances go well for you guys! Do you think there’ll be any recording clips available after the shows are over?

Will there be a recording? Or will it be You-Tubed?


So when are you playing Sydney, Toobs? Atlanta is just a bit out of my orbit unfortunately, or I’d be there.

Ha, I wish everyone could see this truly unique performance.

It’s been a pleasure just being in the band; everyone involved in the production is very nice and there’s some real talent peeking out here and there.

And it’s not something you see and hear every day, it’s a real throwback to another time altogther. This show is older than everyone involved in it except for a very few of us who remember it from the first time around but what the heck, if Led Zeppelin can rise to rock again so can Jesus.

I hope there will be clips somewhere, but I don’t know how or where; that’s not my department. I suspect that like so many things in this world if you miss it, you miss out. Sorry.

There are some pretty freaky pics on that MySpace page as you scroll down. Not quite NSFW, but maybe best discretely viewed. Are those from the show, the afterparty, or some other non-related event.

Now I have a totally different mental image of our darlin’ Jenny.

I wish I didn’t have the office Xmas party this weekend. Being a huge ALW person, I would love to hear this and meet you. :frowning:

By the way, Tuba, you might be interested in this thread: Any Tuba Christmas enthusiasts here?.

Thanks, Lib; I played Atlanta TubaChristmas this past Friday but was too busy with rehearsals and stuff to comment on it. I’ll get there now.

You’re welcome! :slight_smile: For some reason, I’ve taken a renewed interest in music lately, on a level similar to my youth. The notion of tuba ensembles is truly intriguing, and something I intend to check out. Amazon and You-Tube, here I come! :smiley:

Oh wow, how cool! TubaChristmas New York 2007, The First Noel. Nicely haunting. Almost Wagnerian.

Check out Howard Johnson and Gravity. Awesome stuff.

I wish I were in Atlanta right now!

You know Howard is my teacher/mentor, no? Not that I play like him, I wish, I wish.

Oh, and Howard’s daughter Nedra is a great musician in her own right . . . with a tuba group she has put together called “The Fat Bottom Girls.” They’re fabulous. Check out

You can also hear clips of Howard and his band and Nedra from the Prairie Home Companion site; Garrison Keillor and the gang played at Town Hall last year and Howard and Gravity and Nedra were part of the fun. See and check out the archives.

Lib, send me an email, I’ll steer you to some good music. Heck, that offer is open to everybody, I’m just going to be really slammed with rehearsals and gigs for a little while longer, 'tis the season, so please bear with me.

In fact I have some overdue obligations to catch up on here, there’s some people I need to get with on tuba and jazz-related stuff, after the first of the year, I swear, I’ll get it to you. And Mame, what can I do for your daughter? Always glad to help.

Special Added Feature!

7 Stages is also showing the movie “Jesus Christ Superstar” after the production.

The movie starts at 11 pm. Free admission with your ticket stub; $5 otherwise.

It’s more Jesus than you can shake a cross at.

Come on out. Tickets available at the 7 Stages box office, shows Friday and Saturday night.

Jesus is alright with me.

PS In supporting roles in the cast, “Big City Burlesque.”


Wow. That’s really really cool!