This week's Wierd Earl's...

Is the funniest thing I have read in a long, long time.

This guy and his friend, the stinkymate, planted a plate of meat in his neighbor’s lawn, and LEFT IT THERE, returning every day to photograph/poke it.

Oh, dear God. There are SO many people I dislike who have nice, big yards. The position of Swiddle’s Stinkymate is hereby open. Any takers?

Pretty nasty, but hilarious.

How did the neighbor let that go on for 19 days?

Oh and Swiddles, I have been getting quite bored with life lately. I would be honored to be your stinkymate.

I had to stifle a serious giggle fit over this site, Swiddles. The pictures were disgusting by the commentary was hilarious.


:cool: :smiley:

Once, God knows how, a large dead fish appeared on the verge of the freeway entrance I used to get to work everyday. It was a hot summer in San Diego and the thing stayed there for quite a long time. I got curiously interested in that fish. I always checked it out when I passed to see what the ravages of time had wreaked on it that day. I was quite disappointed when they finally got rid of it.

So, SwimmingRiddles, why don’t you do a fish? I bet it ups the stinky quotient considerably.

Oh my god!!!

I made it to day…I can’t even remember how far. It was right after the ground beef “blorped”.

Right before I clicked to go to the next day, I realized I was holding my nose.

I clicked anyway.

So, I gaze upon my monitor (Yes, it’s a 21", so these picutres are mighty big), and see the most revolting stuff ever. I actually gagged and had to shut off my browser before I puked.

I am horrified and delighted that such a page exists.

Alright, Moe. Do you hate any of your neighbors? Because I haven’t lived in my apartment long enough to cultivate a real dislike. One one side of the fence is a house with a bunch of loud kids (who, granted, labeled me “nice”) who would probably get into a stinky plate of meat pretty quick. On the other side is an old lady with a tall fence.

How about you?

Well, unfortunately I am somewhat new to my area as well. I have barely gotten to know my neighbors yet, much less hate them. Also I’m in Brooklyn where lawns are rare in general.
Oh darn…

Well, if anyone else out there has a neighbor they would like to submit for our cause, in the interest of science and the pursuit of ultimate truth of course, me and Swiddles are open for business.

When I saw day 13, I thought I was going to hurl. I really had to fight it.

There are many unanswered questions, though. Specifically, why did some animal drag off the hotdogs, but leave everything else?

I think the preservatives in the weiners kept them edible the longest. Now that I’m thinking about it (God bless the internet), can hot dogs actually rot? How long would they take to decompose? Months?

Our neighbors have really pi**ed us off - they caused us over $2000 in damages this year and we have little hope of recovering any of it.

I also have 4 packages of hot dogs in the freezer, as they are one of the few items my three year old deigns to eat.

I think I could part with some of these, in the interest of science and all.

wow, that was one of the sickest things ive ever seen!
and they are even planning to do another one!

im strangely fascinated by it though…

Thanks Swiddles.

That was horribly entertaining. :slight_smile:

I made it through till the end, but I did feel that I was going to urp at some point. I’m just glad they haven’t developed dynamic smell technology for the web.

Um. What did your bastard neighbors do?

Dumped raw sewage down our sewer line (the guy drove one of those trucks they use to empty port-a-potties and was too f’ing lazy to dump it at work). It completely clogged our main and we had to get the whole damned thing replaced. Turns out the duplex they live in had a connecting sewer line to ours which we never knew about when we bought the house in '96.
We did get them cut off and the prick that owns the place had to get a new line put in for them, but meanwhile we’re out $2K+ and our atty thinks our chances of recovering any of it is slim.
Did I mention this was in January when I was 9 months pregnant, too?
Hmm, maybe hot dogs aren’t what I want to use. Ground beef’s on sale here for .99/lb. A couple pounds of that ought to make me feel better.
I’d better stop before this gets bumped to the Pit!


Stinkymate? Do we have a winner here in tygre? I think so. Unfortunately, Moe is in Brooklyn, I am in Vermont, and I am guessing you are in another place all together. Thoughts?

I’m in downstate Illinois. Damn. And I don’t have a digital camera yet. Somehow I can’t quite picture taking the film in for development at Walgreen’s, y’know?

Anyone downstate want to be my stinkymate? It’d help if you had the camera.

Y’know, I’ve got a wonderful stink bomb recipe I’ve been wanting to try out. You mix up the ingredients in a quart mason jar.

Someone want to mix one up and post pictures? :slight_smile:
– Sylence