And you thought YOUR neighbors were bad...

Redneck neighbor

Wow, Guin, where’d you come across that? I kept thinking it was too extreme to be anything but a spoof, but he had pictures! Thanks.

It was the Offtopic site of the day in the San Jose Mercury News’s Good Morning Silicon Valley column.

El SAANo-(Smile and Act Nice’s replacement board since the original closed) had a topic on it.

That totally made my day! I especially liked the waterfall…

Our neighbor, the one the one with the grey stucco and grey vinyl sided house, is paving his yard with orange bricks. Not just bits of if, but all the back yard. The vinyl siding is sagging where the recent addition joins with the rest of the house.
Ours is a neighborhood of Chicago bungalows. I think his house may have started out as one, but it have been boxed in, stuccoed and sided. He covered half the yard last year with a drive way and is merrily paving the rest.

There have been constuction debris in the yard since the addition went up. I should be grateful. The 3 tiered deck that was nearly up to the construction standards of the rednecked neighbor was replaced by the addition.

Well, here’s another thing of the same sort, just for kicks…

I don’t get this one - if he’s renting from them, why don’t they just evict him?

I had pretty close at the last apartment I rented from - though it took a number of neighbors to create this level of lunacy, not just one family.

There was the family with a mess of kids upstairs - the parents were good folks but had to work. The sister-in-law who babysitted was a pot-smoking (and the kids knew it, we heard them asking her occasionally if she was smoking pot again) ill-tempered woman who didn’t watch them enough to keep the kids from doing things like dropping garbage, food, and cat feces (I hope that was from the cat at least :eek: ) through the slats in the wooden balcony onto our balcony. We installed a bamboo shade as a privacy screen soon afterwards and began just hitting it about once a week to fling any detritus over the side. We did talk to the mom now and then but those kids were nasty and sneaky about it. They also began jumping off the kitchen counter every other day or so, which we think contributed to one of our cabinets eventually being shaken loose from the wall - right after one of these booms, my husband heard a slight creaking and had to grab the cabinet before it fell and dropped our dishes everywhere. (It didn’t help that we think the installer missed the studs when putting them in.) My husband had a little talk with the oldest kid and we never heard that again.

Various vandalism incidents - slashed bicycle seat, stolen gas cap, graffiti in the hall (this last one made us move).

The jailbait-and-dresses-like-it daughter a few apartments down who’d have many teenage and a little older than teenage boys/men from the area yelling up to her on her 3rd floor balcony, and her yelling down at them. At various hours of the day or night. I had to wonder about her parents and what they thought of this.

The guys who liked to drive past after 11 pm or midnight with their cars filled to the brim with stereo speakers, blaring out the music of choice. Calling the cops didn’t really work since if they only go past a few times, they won’t catch them in time, and we couldn’t get to the window fast enough to get a plate.

The mom across the hall who yelled each and every single day at her kids. Holidays too, no breaks from shrewish screeching for her.

And then there was the adjoining apartment (thank goodness for concrete firewalls) that caught on fire one night, and the stupid, seemingly drugged-out, sleeping over friends of the couple who lived there could only giggle inanely over the whole incident, which gutted the bedroom and made the apartment uninhabitable.

I’m just glad that whole mess was easy to move away from and that we were only renting.

Good grief! Shouldn’t the homeowner in Guin’s pics have a pet tiger as well?

I guess we’ve been pretty lucky. Worse we had was some numbnut driving through our yard at night on weekends. I got two 2x4s and drove large nails through one side and cut tines off an old pitchfork and drove them through the other side to anchor. After dusk I put it across the path and covered it with dog shit. Least I could do was try and make changing a shredded tire as unpleasant as possible. Pity you can’t buy Claymores.

It’s amazing how quickly the site Guin mentions got passed around. A coworker of mine sent me a copy of the link yesterday. It’s good to know what Beavis and Butthead will be doing once they grow up.

Someone linked me to this site on a private board we’re on. She recently re-located to Alabama and wanted to share what it’s like there.

psst hey buddy. You need some claymores?

Over Easter weekend my neighbors roasted a pig. A whole pig! You know, pig with a stick througg his mouth and comes out the but and the whole things turns over an open fire for a several hours. This lead to a little hoe-down that lasted till about, oh, dawn.

Considering the fact that I live in Brookly NY this is very weird behavior.
(plus the jerks didn’t even invite me to the party that was happening 4 feet from my bedroom window.

This reminds me so much of my back-yard adjoined (across a ditch) “neighbors”:

bulldozing his back yard in the middle of the night like every other night for a month or two, apparently just moving the dirt around,

slaughtering or whatever you call cutting up a deer hanging from a beautiful old oak tree in the back yard,

cutting down the beautiful old oak tree,

the kid shooting birds which were in trees in my backyard on Christmas morning with the BB gun with which he’d just been gifted,

I could go on . . .

and then there’s the neighbors who adjoin on the south side, at least their worst is having a weedy, unmanaged yard.

My husband and a friend have toiled for over a month in their “spare time” to build a privacy fence around our quite large back yard, and so now the little rugrats stand just on the edge of the ditch where Mr. Neighbor bulldozed all that dirt so it’s nice and high and peek over the fence to see what’s going on in my yard. Arrgh!

We have a neighbor who consistently mows her foot-high lawn AT NIGHT. This is both annoying and funny, because she can’t see where she’s mowing, so she always misses spots. The finished product the next morning has little tufts of tall grass sticking out haphazardly.

-Andrew L

Hey Guinastasia, is a redneck neighbor as bad as a nigger neighbor? After all, both the terms “redneck” and “nigger” are racial slurs!

I thought someone like you, who seems to be always on the prowl for signs of “racism”, would know better than to post links to a site with a derogotory racist name. Hypocrite.

DeniseV, thank you for reminding me why I don’t miss living in apartments. We never had it quite that bad, except for one couple who liked to have loud, drunken arguments in the wee hours of the morning.

And thank you, Guin, for reminding me how lucky I am to have decent neighbors now.

I had a whole post typed out on this, but I think a simple :rolleyes: is most eloquent.

voguevixen: third generation REDNECK

Neither is as bad as you–why don’t you go felch yourself?:wally

I’d love to think that somewhere on the web, there is a site along the lines of the following.

[Disclaimer:Irishman’s attempt at redneckery]

I bin provin’ up the ol’ homestead and this crazy critter next door’s bin comin’ a creepin’ around with his camera. He’s bin, git this, takin’ pictures of ma mailbox, ma rockery and even ma gator pit. He ain’t even burnt his scrub this year. It ain’t right neighbourly to a god-fearin’ patriot like JD8…


Thanks for the link. The statue was my personal favourite - Rio eat your heart out.

BTW, Barking Spider, cop on to yourself.