Those crazy hard hats with sirens and lights that idiots wear at sporting events

You know the ones - typical job-site hard hat, bedecked in the team colours, with a flashing “police” light on top and maybe a siren or loudspeaker built in. Morons wear them at sporting events and fire them off when the home team scores.

Well, I want to be one of those morons. So I started trolling around the web for plans, tips, etc … sure, I could probably work out my own construction, but why start from scratch when there are obviously steps and ideas that have been worked out by the sweat and toil and probably scorched heads of others?

So - you would think this would be a place where the great useless information ocean that is the internet would shine. Sadly, you would be wrong. I can’t find jack about this. So - to the smartest collection of people in the world, I ask: Has anyone ever seen plans, how-tos, etc etc etc on the dreaded Annoying Stadium Lights And Siren Hat?