Those cups with frozen stuff inside. What are they called? Where do you buy them

These cups that keep beer cold even outside the fridge. They are also great for making soft drink freezes. It is a cup with some liquid stuff around the rim. You keep them in the freezer unitl you use it. I remember having a couple as a kid.

Any help on the title questions?

I don’t know what they are called but you can find them at Wal Mart.

Is this it?

Wal-Mart has them, I think.

It’s a start. Actually, I was thinking of this stuff in an actual cup that you would pour a drink into. I will search some.

I have a set of them from Bed, Bath & Beyond. They should have a whole section for BBQ and outdoor dining, the glasses should be there. These are mugs with thick walls, and a liquid sandwiched between the inner and outer wall that freezes.

I got mine from the Polynesian Resort at Walt Disney World. You could search around at if you want to do a mail-order kind of thing…

BTW, what is that liquid? Is it just plain water?

We’ve always called them “slushy cups”, but I don’t know if that’s an “official” name. I found some at Kohl’s one year, but they eventually broke. My mom, though, has one that’s probably 25 years old.

We call 'em “Frosty Mugs”. You can find them in any department store or large kitchen store. I’ve seen them at Walmart and Kitchen, Etc. if that’s any help.

Pro Tip: Go with all plastic mugs. The ones with metal linings tend to rust.

You can often get these at holiday resorts… my mother got me one from Mallorca last year… but she also got some from a local dollar store… I know that in Ontario you can get them at the Beer Store too…

I’ve seen them around… dollar stores & wal-mart are the sort of places you wanna start…

I’ve seen one version marketed as “Slush Mugs”.