Those expressive eyes

Who hasn’t known someone like that?
In high school I knew a girl I’ll call Linette; she was a year ahead of me. She was petite, and quite shapely; freckled like Doris Day; wore her light blond hair in a page-boy; and spoke in a voice that was almost sultry.
But then there were her eyes.
She had bright blue eyes that were highly expressive all by themselves. There are pictures of her in the yearbooks with her eyes expressing happiness or weariness (in a picture of officers of the Girls’ Athletic Association she seems weary and her eyes express it); but she sat behind me in one class and the almost face-to-face view along with her expressive voice, made her emotions an open book.
Please give your own examples of expressive eyes.

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Not a girl I knew personally, but…

Sounds good, Elf. :slight_smile:
The woman I have mentioned on this message board most often fits that description; her eyes are plenty expressive too; and she has those don’t-even-think-of-taking-advantage-of-me vibes. :slight_smile: