You ever looked into a girl's eyes ...

… and just be drawn in? Or a guy’s or whatever?

I was at class today, at a new school, working on a Bachellor’s, and within this new group of people, there is this girl who sits right before me. I at first found her attractive because of her appearance, but I later liked the way she talked, more or less. If she gave soem strength to what she said, rahter that being so soft-spoken, I’d really like it.

But at one point today, as we were discussing our group project, we were not far apart and I sudeenly found myself looking direcltly itto her eyes. A startling gray - maybe you’d say hazel - and as she was describing something imperitive to our brief project, I felt myself drawn in to her eyes.

In and in.

And I suddenly realized I had totally lost track of what she was saying.

Afterword I simply had to shake myself off. It was disconcerting.

I only know a little about her. She’s a bit younger that I am, upon those other things, and I don’t even know if she has a boyfriend. But I’ve never felt that "
zapping" of interpersonality. I figure it’s just me, but hot [i ]hot damn* did that single look mean a lot to me.

That’s … aggravating.

Anyone have similar experiances or advice they want to share?

I don’t notice womens’ eyes very much, but there have been a few times in my life that I’ve had to shake myself back into reality like you described. Only once has it affected me longer than just a few moments, and I usually just shrug it off and continue with my day. That one time still sticks in my memory though, and even now she’s the only woman I can vividly recall exactly what her eyes look like.

My late wife had the most beautiful brown eyes.

First time I saw them I would have loved to climb in and pull the lids shut behind me

Of course. Pretty eyes and a stunning smile will make me melt every time. More so than a hot body.

It must be love

Lucky you, go for it.

That’s a very nice image chowder, and I think I know what you mean.

In high school, one of my friends had the most astonishing grey-green eyes. He was Greek - so if you can imagine his colouring with these stunning eyes and long black lashes you can imagine why he broke a lot of hearts. :wink:

I’ve had that ‘wow!’ response with eyes two other times, too. One was my first boyfriend, whose eyes were the most amazing shade of amber-brown; eyes like honey. Then there was another friend with brown eyes but for the opposite reason - they were so dark as to be nearly black. It was mesmerising.

Apparently my eyes can be mesmerising on occasion, but not for good reasons. They’re predominantly blue-green, but yellow near the centre… except you never really see that. Unless I’m very angry. Then I’m told my eye colour suddenly throws from green to yellow; apparently it’s very unnerving. Not that I’ve been lucky enough to see it (since I don’t tend to get angry at mirrors), but I’ve been told this by every boyfriend I’ve had, so I guess they’re not making it up to distract me! :smiley:

When I first met my husband, I wasn’t attracted to him. I wasn’t repulsed by him either – he just never crossed my radar as someone who was a potential mate. I remember once he needed to talk about something really difficult going on in his life, so he treated me to lunch in the Student Union and start pouring his heart out.

At some point I zoned out and started examining his face. That was when I noticed that he really had remarkable eyes. His eyes are soft and brown and the only word I can use to describe them is… kind. There is so much love there, and so much peace, and so much honesty. Normally he hides them behind a pair of glasses, so they aren’t something you would notice unless you really sat down to look at them.

At the time I remember thinking, Wow, he actually has really beautiful eyes… and then I completely reverted back to, ‘‘talking to my friend I have no romantic interest in.’’

But when I really sit down and think about it, his eyes are the first thing that ever made me notice him as a romantic prospect.

Now I notice his eyes a lot more. He is able to convey so much love and stability and adoration in just the way he looks at me. It is impossible for me not to feel beautiful when his eyes are on me.

There is a line in a *Live * song that always makes me think of him.

I’ve always thought it fits perfect because his eyes do have a stillness. He is such a peaceful person, like a (really squishy) rock, and if you look there, you can see it in his eyes.

You know, I’d be way more embarrassed about this if there weren’t so many other total saps on this board. :slight_smile:

chowder that really is a very nice sentiment.

Ehhhh ... Sith?

olives, that’s one of the grast things about this board. The friendships and trustworthyness of the members is one of the things that’s kept me around all these years.

… and if you tell anyone about this thread, I’ll make you suffer!!!

Every girl I have fallen for has been because of her eyes.

Oh yeah. A few years ago, I checked out a cute customer at my job who happened to look up at me, and I was completely awestruck by her beautiful eyes. I was walking past at the time, running an errand, and did the whole whirl-around-and-walk-backwards thing to just keep looking in her eyes. Luckily, she seemed taken with me as well, and Cheryl and I ended up being friends for a few years (could-a been, should-a been more, but hey), so I got many more chances to get lost in her eyes.

It wasn’t just me-- over the years, I got used to having friends or coworkers say something like “wow, that lady has beautiful eyes” as my notice that Cheryl had stopped by to see me.
Even today, friends that only met her years ago will refer to her as “that girl with the eyes.”

My eyes are a bit like that, too. Blue-grey with a small yellow ring around the pupil and a few yellow spots. They don’t turn yellow with my mood, though, just more blue.

The only eyes I’ve ever been drawn into are my boyfriend’s. They’re a beautiful shade of brown with darker spots. They’re so big and expressive I just can’t help it.

I’ve looked into my ex-wifes eyes. The had some what of a demonic red glow to them. It was quite captivating.
Wait a minute. No it wasn’t. It was scary as hell!