Yeah, I've got pretty eyes. You really didn't need to tell me

So my fiamcee and I are on vacation in Cali. We.decided to go by the Disney store because her daughter wanted to check it out.

We were wandering around one of the shops and a sales woman asked if I needed help. She was about 25 or so. I said no. And she said ‘You have the most beautiful eyes.’ I said ‘Thanks’.

And then I got into trouble.

She said
‘Really, your eyes are so beautiful! I wish my eyes were blue.’

‘Thanks’, says I, ‘but they really don’t work all that well, don’t see all that great’ as I turn to walk.away.

‘But they are so pretty’.

‘Ummmm, thanks.’ I say as I think to myself will you STOP with the compliments while I am holding my fiancees hand?! This is gonna get me in trouble…

‘No, really’, says the sales lady as I walk away. I didn’t catch the last as my finacee was saying…

‘Well, she really seemed to like you…’ with that look she gets when I have really pissed my beautiful, wonderful, sweet lady off.

And I didn’t do a damned thing.


My lady is wonderful but she gets a little jealous every once in a while. Nothing huge but it bothers me because I would never do anything to hurt my sweet babydoll.

As someone who grew up with conspicuously long eyelashes, I’ve been the recipient of such compliments many times and I stopped thinking anything of them a long time ago. “I wish my eyes were blue!” Doesn’t that make it sound like she’s complimenting you on a feature she’s somewhat envious of, rather than attracted to? Sort of like, “girlfriend, I wish I had those legs.” :wink: At least you can explain to to your sweet lady this way. :smiley:


Regarding your lady…take it in stride, and try not to be either defensive OR submissive about it. You got complimented; she should be proud of you, not jealous. Ask her, half-jokingly, how she feels marrying a guy with such ‘BEEEEAUTIFUL eyes!’ as you pull her into an embrace and kiss her, or something. If YOU seem worried about it, she will just pick up on that and feed on it.

So…don’t. :slight_smile: Be confident. She loves you, you love her, and you’re probably both quite attractive to other people. Carry on!

But yeah, that salesgirl was a little creepy/pushy about it. But so what? <shrug> On to the rest of your day and your trip; don’t make it a bigger deal than it is. And don’t let your sweetie do that, either.

But you have such beautiful eyes. No, really, I want to pluck them out and rub them on my face. I want to bathe with them and dry my lonely tears with them. I want to build an altar and sacrifice small animals to them. No really, I want to put them under my pillow and touch them often in the night. I want to keep them in my pocket and look at them when nobody is around.

Wait… where are you going?.. bring your eyes back to me.

All in favor of this thread, say “eye”.

You should have included a picture of your pretty eyes so we could better understand the reason for the woman’s excited interest.

That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever read, you sick bastard. Thanks a lot. Now, every day for the rest of my life, I’m going to have the confront the reality that I’m the kind of person who convulses with laughter at a deviant post like that one. I’m so ashamed.

but I’m going to read your post one more time anyway

Manual of sleezy salespersonship:

1/ give your customer a “stroke” (ie blatant compliment)

2/ etc

3/ profit!

It’s amazing how well it works even when you know it’s being done to you. You just can’t help feeling the tiniest bit pleased with the compliment, even though it may as well be being spoken by a robot at random, for all the meaning it has.

My partner has a very striking appearance (including dark, deep-set eyes with long black lashes), and he’s always getting compliments. He’s been dealing with this his entire life, and takes it very good-naturedly. It used to bother me, until one day I started thinking of it this way: I remember the very first time I saw him, and that feeling of being swept off my feet by his looks. These people are also seeing him for the first time, and I can’t blame them for having a similar reaction. So you might want to steer your fiancee in this general direction: You’ll always be getting compliments on your eyes, by people who are seeing you for the first time. Ask her how she felt the first time she saw you, and maybe she’ll understand these people a little better. And it wouldn’t hurt to point out her best features too.

Looks like the eyes have it.

I think you need to learn how to take a compliment.
The saleswoman needs to learn to not gush.
Your girlfriend needs to learn that even people we love can receive a compliment, and it’s just that. A compliment. She should be happy for you.

Maybe you should have said “Thanks, but if you think they’re good, you should see my girlfriend’s eyes!”


Was she pointing to the tip jar at the same time?

You should just say “these blue eyes make me more susceptible to UV damage! My mother went blind!” then run away sobbing.

“Wow. I guess seeing my eyes was enough for you, then. No need to buy anything.”


About a year ago I was at the eye doctor picking up some contacts. I wore my glasses there but planned to pop in a set of contacts and wear them out.

The optician I met with, a particularly fetching lady about 10 years younger than me made a similar comment. She asked if I wanted to pop the contacts out that I had to make sure were correct, and wear my glasses home. I said mop, I’d just wear the contacts.

“Oh good, because it would almost be a crime to hide those beautiful eyes behind glasses.”

Hey, it made my day, probably because it ended there without any uncomfortable follow up.

I’m kind of skeeved out by the lady in the OP. The first compliment is nice. The next several are increasingly creepy, to the point I’d want to leave rapidly.

This, on the other hand, has made my afternoon. I tip my hat to you, sir and/or madam.

I don’t know, I think your fiance should get over herself. Yes, the saleslady went overboard. But some saleslady in a store complimenting your eyes (and not, for example, your dick) isn’t going to leap on you, and doesn’t she have any trust in you?

I’d be mighty pissed if my SO got mad at a compliment a man gave me. I get the same compliment “You have beautiful eyes”. From men even. Right in front of my SO.

Oddest colloquialism I’ve heard in a while…

What do you see with your pretty pretty eyes?