Those new electronic cigarette commercials

Have you seen any yet? I’ve seen two. They’re a real blast from the past, as they show hip young people dragging on an e-cig just like they did back in the days when there were television commercials for real cigarettes.

Decades of no commercials of this kind have made the cigs=sex message seem especially silly.

I wish they were banned just like cigarette commercials

they’re a bad influence on the children

I’ve seen two of them for blue e-cigs. The one with Jenny McCarthy fits your description, but the one with Stephen Dorff not too long ago was lacking in the sex appeal department. Perhaps their marketing department changed their viewpoint between the two ads.

Won’t somebody think of the children!!!

But yeah, someone lit one of these up when I was in a restaurant a few months ago, and I found it very annoying, even though I was halfway across the room and probably wouldn’t have smelled it even if it was a real cigarette.

I don’t know why it annoyed me so, as I think smoking is something that only restaurant owners should be the ones to allow or ban, but it did.

I also think the kiosks at the mall where they sell them are annoying. But so are most mall kiosks.

I saw one for the Blu brand with a pseudo-macho dude acting overly serious about being your own man and taking control of your life again, all shot in the pretentiously moody weight that only B&W photography can give.

He goes through this whole David Caruso-esque monologue then sticks a bluetooth earpiece equivalent of a “cigarette” in his mouth to make the whole ad far more laughable than it already was.

ETA: yeh it was that Dorff commercial.

Why would someone inhaling water vapor annoy you? I’ve never so much as gotten a whiff of a smell even when someone was inhaling one right next to me. And most of the time when they breath out, there is no more vapor.

It annoys me because it is still people doing drugs in public

Do you have the same reaction seeing someone drink a glass of wine at a restaurant?

They actually smell pretty good. A lot of them come in different flavors and the vapor is nice.

Doing drugs! I saw someone drinking coffee in public today…filthy junkie!


Sometimes I drink diet Coke near a pre-school just for the rush.

Well then find out the brand of the e-cig and the solution involved, and let me know, as one of our coworkers has us dizzy with the cloud of vanilla/maple/spice/whatever-scented vapor. Theoretically e-cigs are just as banned as regular smokes inside the office but her age, seniority and life situation are such nobody dares say jack. We suspect she’s maybe overloading/overdoing it, perhaps even taking in MORE nicotine per day.

(I do believe all nicotine delivery modes should be under the same advertising/marketing restrictions; no more and no less)

It appears that some if the scented types do have an odor.

I just read an article about how the used, littered cartridges are puncturing car tires. Thank you smokers for finding another way to make society worse for everyone!

I threw them away when I used that type, but now I’ll toss them under the cars of folks I don’t like.
Have you a link? They are a thin metal tube with an igniter and absorbent refillable material. I would think they would crush.

I’d like to see a link too.

Here are some.
Hard to believe.

Most of them appear to be the same:

The story apparently originated from a Michigan TV news report.

You can’t possibly be serious. Are you also upset and annoyed that Starbucks is one big drug dispensary?