Those new Florida Gator uniforms look ridiculous!

Get this: they’re strikingly asymmetrical, with a bold orange patch over the left deltoid area, angling in towards the sternum. Rather reminiscent of the gladiatorial leather shoulder guards from the Coliseum days. Or, for that matter, the glamorous over-the-shoulder toga gowns on actresses on the Academy Awards red carpet. My theory is that the U. of F. adopted this look to help their athletes remember left from right. “You’re lining up on the left side this play… No, the other left… your “orange” side!” :smiley:
Another sartorial misshap in Florida football: the U. of Miami retro uniforms, used today and only today, recapping the look they sported in the 1966-7 season. Green jerseys with white numbers, gold pants with green and white stripes, and gold helmets, with the “Hurricane Warning” red-'n-black flag emblem on the helmets. (Okay, the flag bit was a nice touch.) They can’t get back into the orange-green-white uniforms fast enough, methinks.
OTOH, nothing in college football can compete with the sheer ugliness and perversity that is the Boise State blue artificial turf (“Smurf Turf”). Makes me want to adjust the color on my set every time I see it…

Can anyone link to some pictures of these uniforms?

I assume these are the ones the OP is talking about.

Personally, i can’t get too worked up about asymmetrical uniforms!!!111OMG

I heard about this on a morning talk show. Apparently, there’s a few other teams with this uniform (in different colors, of course).

It was designed by Nike. Sounds like another money-making venture.

Associated with College Football? No way!!! My illusions have been shattered.

I’m so sorry to have burst your bubble. :smiley:

Yeah, they were kinda ugly, what with the orange sleeve. But I’m pretty sure they were just for this one game. Virginia Tech had similar jerseys, it’s some deal with Nike to promote something. I would say keep them since the Gators knocked off a top five team today, but we don’t need any ugly jerseys to beat Georgia.

It looked better than I thought it would when I read about the asymmetrical uniforms for the first time.

You know what else looks ridiculous? Georgia’s offense.

Yeah, but their quarterback will be back in two weeks. No matter, Shockley or not, Auburn will take 'em and I’ll see you gator types in Hot-Lanta.

All football uniforms look ridiculous…

(gasp) Sacrilege!

Yesterday, Uni-Watch took Florida, Va. Tech, and Nike to task.


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Thanks for that great link, Pashnish Ewing!

I’m chagrined because a Pit thread I started got booted into MPSIMS for being too mild-mannered, apparently. (This can’t be a first, but you don’t see it happen everyday, do you?)

But I’m downright appalled that the U. of Miami squad is slated to wear mismatched-sleeve jerseys this Saturday… First off, because the style is an aesthetic disaster; secondly, because my team will be acting as Nike’s tool; thirdly, because the 'Canes should be the trend-setters, and not following the Hokies and the Gators in any respect whatsoever.

Dang it and dash it all to heck! :smiley:

Absolutely appalling. They look like those horrible all-star uniforms that they make college players wear in the Shrine Game or the Blue-Grey game.

And that Nike is involved should come as no surprise, as they seem hell-bent on single-handedly destroying everything that is beautiful about college football.

(I love the quote from the Nike rep, in the Uni-Watch link. Do you suppose people at Nike actually use the word “iconic” in their day-to-day speech to describe jersey sleeves?)

Of course the unis are ugly. They’re GATOR uniforms!

:does war chant:

As a Bama fan right? Aubrun’s got some praying to do to get to Atlanta. Even if they beat out Bama, they gotta hope LSU loses. Either way, bring it. Like I said (or, rather, slurred) Saturday at about 6:00 p.m., I wouldn’t care if they wore pink prom dresses, so long as they keep beating Georgia.

All you chumps at the girls school (read: FSU) better keep it quiet. Have you paid attention to the ridiculous neck bands y’all have been sporting for ten years.

As a bama fan? Not in this lifetime! Not so much praying, either. bama’s not that good, but maybe their luck will hold and they can squeak LSU in Tuscaloser.
Auburn will whip bama for the fourth consecutive year. No problem there, and we’ll be defending the SEC championship in Atlanta.

PS: Little mentioned fact: Auburn is 10-2 vs. bama in games played on the respective campuses. And people wondered why we wanted that game moved out of Birmingham!

Speaking of Gators, do you think Florida would have whipped the 'Dogs if Shockley had been able to play? I think they might have won anyway, but Florida would have had to score more than 14 points to win.

Getting the “ifs and buts” and all that out of the way . . . I don’t know. I agree that they probably would have had to score more than 14, but remember, they were on the 6 at the close of 2d quarter when a bad exchange led to a fumble. Had that not occurred, it would have been 21-3 going into the half (Richt, on his way into the lockeroom, made a comment about not wanting to have to come back from that – even with Shockley they’re not a come from behind on the road team). Add to that the fact that Florida’s D was up. Would Florida have beat a Shockley Georgia team? Depends on which Shockley Georgia teams showed up - the ones that played SC or Arkansas? Hell yea, Florida still would have beat them. They finally had the offense together now that Urban has realized he’s in the SEC not Pop Warner and Georgia was (everybody together) OVERRATED! If the Dawgs win out though they’ll have a chance to prove me wrong in Atlanta.

Having lived in Atlanta for six years and been a Gator fan for ten (grew up an Auburn fan :slight_smile: ), I have watched a lot of Florida-Georgia games and even more Georgia games. Georgia finds a way to shit the bed in general and especially in Jax.

By the way, I hope you’re right. Some little ass dawg fan in our office made fun of me when I told him I thought Auburn would be defending in Atlanta - said I didn’t know shit about football - heh (Monday I wanted to ask him, “how’s the last sixteen years been chumpkin? What kind of pathetic ass losers celebrate the fact that they’ve gone 25 years without a national championship?”)

Last year at this time, we had a “let’s talk college football” thread going. If somebody were to start one, I’d subscribe.