Hahhaah...Ohio St

Getting blown out again. This really has to hurt their confidence. Losing back to back title games in blowouts to SEC teams and then getting exposed by USC tonight 35 - 3 as of the time of me writing this.

I am kind of surprised though. They looked good against Southeast Youngstown State Technological Polytechnic Institute State University. LMAO.

At least we can remove them from the National Championship picture. :D:D


I dislike tOSU as much as anyone, but USC is really good.

The one thing that USC never gets credit for is the fact that they don’t schedule softies like so many other schools do.

It seems like they did tonight.

Man, USC is good when the #5 ranked team is soft.

Or maybe teams shouldn’t be ranked until they play a couple of games. This hurt USC a few years ago when they beat Arkansas, I think it was, early in the season. They had been ranked in the top 25 before the season started and 'SC put a hurt on them. In the end it hurt USC because their final BCS rating was based on the fact that Arkansas, or who ever I am thinking of, ended up unranked despite being a top 20 team when they lost.

Of course we could start another pit thread on the BSC…

After the loss to Notre Dame earlier today, this is a welcome development.
hahaha… fuck you osu

You know the questions are gonna be coming fast and furious, what exactly is wrong with the Big 10?

Not fast enough. I would have liked to see OSU/USC with Beanie Wells healthy though. USC probably would have won but it wouldn’t have been quite this bad.

Ohio St. was not a #5 ranked team regardless of what the polls say. They play a weak ass schedule in a weak ass conference and just keep getting exposed. Year. After. year.

They get ranked so high because everyone knows they can’t lose more than 2 games. Penn St. will fall apart like they do every year in a week or two. Illinois sucks. Michigan is terrible. ND looked like a national championship caliber team against them today. And who else if left? Plus the conference doesn’t even have a championship game. Thank god they played USC or they would have had a golden path to the NC game again this year and would have had to been smacked down by USC/SEC/Oklahoma, etc.

Was I the only one to check out this thread wondering what’s so funny about Ohio Street?

Good thing USC got to play Ohio State this year, as the rest of their Pac-10 ranked opponents sucked the big one today. ASU and Cal went down to such traditional powerhouses as UNLV and Maryland, while Oregon beat Purdue in OT.

I can imagine a situation where we have an undefeated USC, and undefeated Big 12 team (Oklahoma or Missouri, maybe Texas) and an undefeated SEC team (LSU, Florida, or Georgia) at the end of the season.

BTW, did So. Cal. ever forfeit any of those games where they used an ineligible player (Reggie Bush)? Back when there were rules, if a guy was ineligible and played in a game the game got forfeited.

I know, OSU should have forfeited a bunch of games for the same reason.

My point is, none of it means much of anything because, with the NCAA running the show, it’s not about rules and fairness, it’s about image and money.

So So. Cal. won. BFD. Based on what the NCAA has given us it simply tells us that the So. Cal. players are more highly paid.

And the USC folks are even happier that UCLA got stomped like a narc at a biker rally yesterday.

Is this how you get your frustrations out when your team sucks donkey balls? I ask because as an OSU fan, I’ve never really known what it’s like to root for a loser. Did they have a losing season once, about 20 years ago? It’s been so long I hardly remember.

To be considered a choker, you at least have to actually get to the big games that everyone pays attention to. The gloating you’re seeing here is from a bunch of jealous wannabes whose teams haven’t been in the spotlight for years.

And Tressel should have benched Boeckmann. USC was forcing him to scramble, which isn’t his game. Terrelle Pryor has a great future ahead of him.

And there we have the rationale by which most fans root for teams like Ohio State, Notre Dame, the N.Y. Yankees etc.

Such fans get to bask in the reflected glory of winning seasons. On the flip side, their expectations are unnaturally high, such that big-time winning is expected and losing is unusually painful, especially when others get to chuckle at their misfortune.

The letters to the sports editor of the Columbus Dispatch will be fun to read in the upcoming week. One can only imagine the angst if O.S.U. gets beaten by some even less impressive Big Ten team like Wisconsin. Or hey, maybe even Northwestern. :slight_smile:

At least Michigan lost too. The day wasn’t entirely wasted.

And the Badgers won.
It’s nearly a perfect start to the season.

I don’t like the Buckeyes and I live in Ohio, so I have to hear about them all the time.

The really annoying thing is that I hear about them when they win and I hear about them just as much when they lose. If everyone who hated them would just shut up about them, there’d be blessed silence. If only.

Still a good day for the Big Ten, going 8-3. Wisconsin beat a good Fresno State team on the road, Purdue took a very good Oregon team to 2OT. And Michigan State pitched its first shutout in this century, pasting a bowl-winning team from last year (Florida Atlantic) 17-0.

Ohio State was not a #5 ranked team because they were missing the best running back in college football, with little to replace him. Make no mistake, Beanie Wells (and the O-line) is the Ohio State offense. Boeckman is terrible, and won’t beat anyone with his arm, and the rest of the OSU RBs are decidedly average at best.

Yeah, OSU has had three bad games in a row against other national powers, but they’ve done well in several other big time interconference games. They went on the road and smoked #2 Texas in 2006, and were a dropped TD pass away from beating them in '05 (the undefeated Vince Young team). They beat a Miami team that was supposed to be an all time great time, and have several other non-conference wins against highly ranked teams.