Thoughts on the SPAMALOT soundt...uh... Original Cast Recording

I just got this the other day. Not super fantastic, but has it’s moments.

The showstopper is You Won’t Succeed on Broadway (Without Jews), which has the added incentive of giving David Hyde Pierce the chance to show off his training as a concert pianist. You have to love wordplay such as

The dreamy (and openly gay, unlike his co-stars) Christopher Sieber’s duet of The Song That Goes Like This with Sara Ramirez is a great send-up of overly serious Broadway lovesongs, but Sieber’s dead-on Colm Wilkinson impression makes the song.

“I’m Not Dead Yet” was cute but forgettable. I wish they’d included the song from the movie (“Sir Robin ran away… Sir Robin ran away… when danger reared its ugly head, Sir Robin tucked his tail and fled”) but they didn’t.

So those who’ve heard the cast recording (or if anybody has seen the show), would love to hear your views.

I loved the Show.
I really liked the You Won’t Succeed on Broadway (Without Jews) song
I really like “Always look on the bright side of life”
I’ve only been to 5 shows on Broadway and I avoid the shows they parodied, so “The Song that goes like This” just seem to slow down the show.
After all I was there for the Comedy & Naughty Bits and some Spam

I would Like the Spam, Spam, Spam & Naughty bits on rye hold the overproduced songs :wink:

Speaking of, I think several friends may be getting this for Christmas.

David Hyde Pierce has been openly, if quietly, gay for years. It’s hardly a secret.

Just saw it Tuesday Night. (Tim Curry took Tuesday off, but his understudy was pretty damned good.) Over a hundred bucks a seat, but they were good seats (fifth row, dead-center). Saw it with my daughter, who’s a big Python fan–neither of us likes musicals but this is a musical for people who dislike musicals. Hilarious, well-staged, overall very well done.

I can’t believe they got John Cleese to do a four minute offstage bit, though. I mean, do you really need to sign up John Cleese for that? It’s like bringing Mickey Mantle back from the dead and you ask him to bunt.

That above post should read "David Hyde Pierce has been openly, if quietly, gay for years. It’s hardly a secret.

I love this show, but haven’t picked up the cast CD yet. In other good news, Spamalot will have a London production and there’s talk of a German production. So there will probably be a second English cast CD, and a German one.

They do include it, at least on stage, where I saw it on Thursday.

Tim Curry missed that performance too, ** pseudotriton**, but, I like you, I strongly liked the stand-by.

Having the misfortune of listening to certain Broadway songs of the last 20 years, I strongly enjoyed “The Song That Goes Like This”.

Overall, I felt it to be stronger as a comedy than as a musical, but I’m not one to complain.

Was John Cleese physically in the theater?

Did anybody see the Tony Awards? I think Idle was seething over not winning anything for himself. He came wearing a gold lamè jacket with his tux and was clearly prepared to repeat Mel Brooks’s “I’ll see you again in a couple of minutes” night from the year The Producers won everything.

I can’t wait to see how they dance the klezmer number in You Won’t Succeed on Broadway. I’ve heard the entrance of the Lady of the Lake is pretty spectacular as well.

The thing I noticed from the soundtrack, (My favorite song being “I’m alone”) is that this version of Camelot actually has a plot. A plot with an ending. Secondly, it completely eliminates the Guen-Lance romantic triangle, which goes back quite a ways, allowing for the Lady and, er, Herbert.
Basically, this is like a revised movie where they didn’t run out of ideas at the end… and Python has developed a bit over the years.

“Just think Herbert… in a thousand years our love will still be controversial.”

I’ve wondered if Dennis Galahad is the “Constitutional peasant” in the beginning. To anybody who has seen it, do they have the Constitutional Peasants bit? (“Help, help, I’m being opressed!”)


Oh, yes, I picked that up as well, when they called Galahad Dennis. Had to be.
And Lance is a Bring Out Your Dead man. It’s a much better tied together plot.

Glad you made it to the show. :slight_smile:

I actually was underwhelmed with Tim Curry; my guess based on my experience is that an understudy would be an improvement.
Chalk me up as someone else who didn’t particularly like “I’m Not Yet Dead.” That was the only number that was a downer I think. As a theatre guy, The Song That Goes Like This rocked my socks, as did You Won’t Succeed, etc etc. And, the original Python songs were good; I was so happy they included Always Look on the Bright Side of Life in the show.

Haven’t seen the show, but I’v elistened to the OCR.

I found the inclusion of non-Grail Python numbers, like Finland and Always Look On The Bright Side to be kind of cheesy. Finland, in particular, seemed kind of forced into things, like it didn’t really belong but they stuck it in to appease people who just want to see Python stuff. Also, it’s not Idle’s tune, it’s Palin’s. I’m sure Michael doesn’t mind, but it bugged me.

The new stuff was much more to my liking. “The Song That Goes Like This” is funny, and the Las Vegas lounge-act reprise was priceless. “You’ll never Succeed On Broadway” isn’t as great IMO as some people here suggest, but it’s funny, and I imagine it plays on stage much better than just listening to the recording.

The weird thing for me was listening to Tim Curry. He does a great job, but his voice is so distinctive that I kept picturing Frank N. Furter, no matter what he was singing.